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does lavender grow in bangalore

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in your garden, you're familiar with its heady fragrance and attractive features as a garden perennial.Several types grow in a home garden, including English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia), which is sometimes called French lavender; both grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8.. Stoechas prefer a more acid soil. Common Name :Indian Cork Tree It is undoubtedly a splendid tree when in bloom. Soon after, large green fruits dangle from the tree which turn brown ejecting the soft cotton attached to the seeds. The small flowers (barely 2cm long) are pale pink and they are borne in dense clusters on bare twigs. The height includes the flower stalks, so when not in bloom, the foliage may be only a foot tall. Watering Lavender Water seedlings often to keep the soil evenly moist until roots have time to grow and the plant is established in the new area. Lavender plant is a perennial flowering aromatic herb or shrub that can reach a height of 40 cm to 80 cm. It certainly merits both the common names attributed to it. And Bannerghatta Road and Hosur Road, is one such stretch that is dotted with IT industry (including corp-orates), ultra-modern hospitals, international schools, star hotels. Trees in bloom can be seen in the High Court complex – one tree close to the Lord Cubbon’s statute; a series of them planted along the periphery of the Jayanagar Stadium (Madhavan Park) – the road leading from Rani Sarala Devi High School to Jayanagar III Block (Cosmopolitan Club). All lavender varieties like full sun and soil that drains well. Vernacular Name :Booruga (Kannada). It has a lighter rosemary-like scent. Common Name :Jacaranda A large transparent, polythene-like, appendage surrounds the tiny brown seed that float in the air before reaching the ground in large quantities. Lavender is a bushy, strong-scented perennial plant from the Mediterranean. The flowers attract plenty of bees. Flowering Season :February-March Lavender (Lavandula) can grow year round in a hot and dry climate like southern California and the arid Southwest, or even arid West. Common Name :The Tree of Gold The seed pods are flat and contain two to three seeds. Brief description :Almost suddenly this species seems to have come into bloom all over town. Growing Rapini (Brassica Ruvo): Best Varieties, Planting Guide and Care, Growing Fennel: The Complete Guide to Plant, Care, and Harvest Fennel, Growing Cassava: Planting Guide, Care, Problems and Harvest, Growing Wheat: Varieties, Planting Guide, Care, Problems, and Harvest, Growing Sunflowers: Varieties, Planting Guide, Care, Problems, and Harvest. Common Name :Coloured Sterculia Most of the 15 or so species don’t grow as well, nor are long-lived, in hot and humid climates such as the Southeast or Midwest. A few of these foul smelling flowers are borne on a thick long stalk which hangs from branches. The flat, foot long pods of this tree are very characteristic and persist. Vernacular Name : Gobbarada mara. The bark of the tree has deep fissures and is used as cork, hence the common name. The leaves are fine and feathery. It is very difficult to tell them apart. Vernacular Name : None. Common Name :Variegated Bauhinia & Purple Bauhinia It is not unusual to find buds of various ages, flowers, and erect, green seed cases in the same cluster. Lavender tea is a refreshing, calming drink that has a vast array of healing benefits. The Sausage tree is evergreen. However, once the flower is dry the core is pretty hard. Vernacular Name :Akasha Mallige. The leaves already smell like lavender and I can’t wait to see little purple flowers bloom on them! It has a straight trunk, horizontal branches and drooping branchlets which bear the foliage. Even after the flowering season these stalks persist for a long time. You can also harvest it for fragrant floral arrangements, sachets, and potpourri. Away from water the growth is stunted making it quite suitable for planting in gardens, parks and on roadsides. This fast growing, evergreen species can be propagated from seed. & Tech. It attracts many butterflies like the Cerulean, Blue Tiger and Common Crows. Truly a spectacular tree when in bloom and otherwise too, owing to its large, flat, spreading canopy. All these make it very suitable for planting on avenues. Care Instructions For Growing Lavender Plant Indoors. Vernacular Name :None. Flowering Season :January – March Origin :Tropical South America and West Indies Hence, at any given point of time the tree has flowers of all shades of purple. Watering: Typically, lavender fatalities occur when the plants are over-watered. Flowering Season :August to December Bangalore’s charm as a Garden City may have diminished. The trees on M.G.Road (near Brigade Rd. Origin :Burma & Malayan archipelago Origin :Myanmar (Burma) The next time you happen to be in the jungles during the flowering season of this tree, just try your luck. It provides ample shade when in leaf. Even if one has to go a little out of the way to see this tree in bloom, it is worth the while. The seed cases when mature, become brown and woody. Brief description :Bauhinia variegata and Bauhinia purpurea are very similar looking trees. Lavender loves full sun (at least 8 hours per day or more). Do you grow lavender in your garden? If you want strong plants and a heavy aroma from your lavender, you should plant it in a location with full sun and little or no shade. 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Widely grown due to the many advantages of the species. Many of these trees are just coming into bloom in the city. The soil, altitude, and water make a combination perfect for growing lavender. Whitebellied Treepie, Hill Myna, Parakeets, Drongos, Orioles, Thrushes, Babblers, Blackbirds and a whole lot more can be seen to the accompaniment of their cacophony. The tree that I saw was in Mysore (don’t quite remember the location) and I can still very vividly recollect standing in front of the tree stunned by its beauty. It can be grown with ease, it is not very slow growing, and has a dense canopy. It's the tallest lavender, growing up to 1.5m, making it ideal for hedges. Have you had good luck with it? Origin :Ceylon, Andamans, Malaya and North Australia When grown in the proper conditions, lavender tends to grow without problems from pests and diseases. Known to grow quite fast. Growing Lavender Indoors. Being a medium sized tree, it is well suited for planting on the roadsides, parks and gardens. One can see these trees in the premises of the Bangalore City Railway Station, Vish. Some large trees of this species can be in Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, near National College, Basavangudi, all around Jayanagar 4th Block Shopping Complex and near the GPO. The flowers are thought to be pollinated by nocturnal insects. Brief description :This can grow into a large tree indeed with many spreading branches. We must go to the most desert hardy species of all, Lavandula stoechas, the Spanish lavender, which originated in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization.From there it was later grown … Vernacular Name :Kattikai mara. It also has a shapely crown and ideal for parks and roadside planting. Brief description :A marvellous tree indeed ! Brief description :This species grows into a small tree seldom growing over 15 feet and is very ornamental indeed. It can be used as an ornamental. Origin :India and Malaya The flowers in clusters held clear off the foliage are in contrast to the green foliage. It is in bloom for a long duration providing many birds with nectar from its cup shaped deep-orange flowers. The name Mast Tree describes this species better. Flowering Season :March – May Add a … The numerous, large, cup-shaped, crimson flowers are very attractive. Get latest info on Lavender Flower, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Lavender Flower prices for buying. Lavender can be grown only in the Himalyan region, wherever it snows, as it requires water only when first planted. It is difficult to grow in clay and acid soils; clay soils in particular hold too much moisture, which can cause lavender to 'drown'. Lavender is used in food and medicine; it’s aromatic, carminative (i.e., combats gas), antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiseptic, and an expectorant.It has a long history of use, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, and even earlier. Vernacular Name :Ashoka (Kannada). Click here to buy your copy of the pocket sized Discover Avenue Trees, Posted in Herbs, Plant Profiles and tagged Hidcote, Munstead, Phenomenal lavender. You would need to prune the plant regularly since it can grow too large and also protect it from drafts of wind since it is sensitive to cold. The tree can be easily identified even after the flowering season by the smooth bark (it peels like in guava) and the woody fruits which stay on the tree for a long time – some times even up to the next flowering season. There is also one opposite the RBI. There are many trees that are coming into bloom in the city. Vernacular Name :None. These trees can be seen in Lalbagh (near the Glass House – behind the area used for stalls during the flower shows) and Cubbon Park (near KSLTA). This easy-to-grow shrub thrives in a sunny spot, in free-draining soil or a container. Vernacular Name :Hole dasavala. The tree perhaps gets it common name due to the pale, silvery undersides of its ornamental leaves. These trees are in the park flanking Nanda Road (continuation of RV road) from South End to Jayanagar and several other areas of Bangalore. It adds colour to the area where it is planted. The tree bears large clusters of bright yellow tubular flowers rendering the tree very conspicuous. Brief description :A large tree with large leaves. Lavender is a small shrub that usually grows 20 to 24 inches tall and wide. The flowers have a pleasant fragrance that fills the air. Flowering Season :January – March Since you will be using a pot instead of ground soil, having the correct pot size is extremely important for your plant’s health. Mediterranean varietals like Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas) and French lavender (Lavandula dentata) are less common lavender varieties that are widely cultivated for potpourri and essential oils.. Unlike other herbs, lavender doesn’t spread as quickly. A little compost or slow-release fertilser in spring is ample. They form a carpet on the ground during the flowering season. They hang from the tree for a long time before dropping off. Prior to bursting into bloom the tree sheds all its leaves. Does lavender spread quickly? If you grow lavender (Lavandula spp.) Discover lavender. The fruits that are flat are in clusters at the tip of long thick stalks. Eventually, I hope to add more species to this list. How to Grow Lavender . The trees bear long flat pods which hang and are conspicuous. I’ve tried covering it and mulching it but no luck. The tree bursts into bloom with the onset of the hot season. It bears sprays of red and yellow pea-shaped flowers (about 3 to 4 cm long), which are partly hidden by the dense foliage. Lavender is one of the most popular herbs, its aromatic and herbal properties along with the look of the flower has attracted many growers . Common Name :Cannon Ball Tree Common Name :Siam Cassia The entire inflorescence has a very soft appearance. Origin :Madagascar The pods look like large groundnuts. However, some of the trees that perhaps earned its name are still to be seen and cherished. Long-lived and hardy border plants include cultivars of the English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia and L. × intermedia). Origin :Sri Lanka Common Name : Black Bean or the Moreton Bay Chestnut Can be seen at Cubbon Park, Lalbagh and in other parts of the city. Newsletter for Birdwatchers : 36(3):49-51]. Brief Description: This is a handsome tree with glossy dark green leaves and low spreading branches when grown in the open. Brief Description:The tree is a blaze of colour and completely leafless when in bloom. The inflorescence is similar to a Badminton Ball hanging at the tip of a long thick stalk – the reason for its common name. Pods are flat and occur simultaneously with the flowers. The flowers that are dark pink turn white with age and during the peak season the ground under the tree is covered with the petals. 10 Comments Joey Neslon on June 7, 2018 at 2:33 pm. All lavender grows just as tall as it does wide, about 20 to 24 inches each way. Flowering Season :September – October It should not be difficult for anyone with a good nose to locate these trees when in bloom! Brief Description:A truly amazing tree. It has drooping branches that bear long, greyish green leaves in clusters. Large woody pods (measuring 12-20cm by 4-6 cm) are produced following flowering. It attains a large size. Origin :India (W Ghats). Or indulge in a recent trend and shower your just-married friends with dried lavender, instead of confetti. The leaflets of this tree are small and a very pleasant shade of green when new. Brief Description:This species is also known by the name `Pride of India’. Find here details of companies selling Lavender Flower, for your purchase requirements. Brief description :A glorious tree though it lacks the bright flowers of many ornamental trees. Though the tree drops most of the leaves for a short period during winter it is never completely bare. Keeping this in mind, it may be worth the while to propagate this species. An ideal species to be planted along broad roads, it also provides for roosting and nesting of many birds. In warmer regions, its gray to green foliage stays evergreen throughout the year, and the herb thrives in some of the toughest of garden condition. Lavender does well both grown in the ground and in a flowerbed. Lavender does not like to have it’s roots wet, so good drainage is imperative. The tree has conspicuous buttresses that at times spread extensively. Brief Description:This native tree has a wide distribution.

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