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other names for hedgehog

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Names of Animated Hedgehog and Porcupine Characters Lou and Penny are porcupines from the Dreamwork's film Over the Hedge. One of these might be perfect: Annabel ; Lennon ; Arabella ; Pippa ; Alastair ; Winston ; Jasper ; Clementine ; Giles ; Imogen ; Hog-Themed Hedgehog Names. I was hoping to get and african pygmy hedgehog so something that sounds african would be perfect (but include how to pronounce please if it's needed!) You could always name it after a character in a book. Hedgehog Names . You might see a funny or cute name on the list that seems perfect, and if that’s the case then go for it! Pick a name you really, really like! Choosing hedgehog names is one of the best ways to build the excitement of welcoming a new baby hedgehog into your home. You don’t have to have one picked out when you bring them home. I'm going to be getting a new hedgehog sometime soon and I was stumped on name. Because of this we wanted to help future hedgehog pet owners out and come up with a list of potential names for their pet hedgehog. Sharpey – a funny name for a hedgehog with sharp and pointy spikes! The name hedgehog came into use around the year 1450, derived from the Middle English heyghoge, from heyg, hegge ("hedge"), because it frequents hedgerows, and hoge, hogge ("hog"), from its piglike snout. A good name for a hedgehog? I want some suggestions that are unique. If you know you have a girl (or even if you don't) and you want a more feminine-sounding name, check out this list. See more ideas about hedgehog names, hedgehog, hedgehog pet. I'm getting a hedgehog for my birthday. What are synonyms for Hedgehogs? Hedgehogs basically like to eat and run and they are not interested in playing or cuddling with you. Topping the list for the most popular hedgehog name is Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega video game fame. What you can do is, say the name out loud to see if you think it suits your pet hedgehog. I am absolutely sure that I DON'T want it named Sonic or Shadow (I already have a dog named Shadow). I'm really excited! If that does not work for you, think about a favorite actor or characters from pop culture and build on that. 3 synonyms for hedgehog: porcupine, Erinaceus europaeus, Erinaceus europeaeus. Some species of hedgehog will also communicate between each other using louder squealing noises. We’ve got cute hedgehog names and funny ones, disney hedgehog names, and names from classic literature. They will also grunt when excited or upset. Pepper – Nice name for your untamable pet. Fido- for people who got a hedgehog because they are allergic to dogs. Other names include urchin, hedgepig and furze-pig. The larger species of hedgehog give birth to around 3 or 4 baby hedgehogs, but the smaller hedgehog species tend to have slightly larger litters and therefore give birth to 5 to 7 babies. We ended up with a list of 100 hedgehog names that we feel are fun, cute and awesome names. Here goes! There are so many choices when it comes to naming your hedgie. I have a few suggestions on what to name it. Unique Hedgehog Boy Names. 1 2 3. The hedgehog’s diet consists of insects, other arthropods (including venomous spiders and scorpions), snails, slugs, frogs and toads, lizards, snakes (including venomous species), bird eggs, nestlings, and fallen fruit. Roly Poly – a hilarious name for a hedgehog who loves to roll around! Maybe it is their diminutive size, their adorable little faces, and the charming way they ball up, but these little creatures ooze cuteness. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Calvary medick. What are synonyms for hedgehog? When you’re picking a name for a pet you want to make sure it’s perfect! On rare occasions, you might catch them making a soft chirp. The code for attribution links is required. Now he or she needs a name! Zorro – You could name him after the famous Spanish character. Find more ways to say hedge, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Ferrets; Hedgehogs; Rats; Turtles; Horses; Chickens; Best Cute Hedgehog Names In 2018. Popular names for these little creatures often reference their bristles. If you're looking for a pet that enjoys interaction, this might not be the one for you. Sixty per cent come from Kenya and the rest of the bunch came from Colombia, India, Tanzania and Ecuador. Many Hedgehog pet names to choose from when naming your own pet. furze-pig. Fuzzypeg – A cute and a fuzzy name. Erinaceus europaeus. If you try to look for their privates, that is their vulnerable area. The European hedgehog, or Erinaceus europaeus, is frequently referred to as the "common hedgehog". A ROSE by any other name would smell as sweet, said Bill from Stratford. Bubbles- a name that contrasts the spikey nature of the animal, just to be different. So, hopefully by now you have at least a few names in mind for your little guy/gal. What does it look like to you, or how does it act when it is in its cage? Physical description However, if you are going to register your hedgehog in the International Hedgehog Registry, those names have been used time and time again. I'll need a boy and girl name since I don't know what gender I'll be getting, so post as many as you like. A small mammal, of the family Erinaceidae or subfamily Erinaceinae (spiny hedgehogs, the latter characterized by their spiny back and often by the habit of rolling up into a ball when attacked. I am planning to get a hedgehog in about 2 weeks or so and i need help thinking of a name. Other. Names that you don't hear everyday, but I don't want Sonic or any other names from the Sonic games and shows. Leichi- after the spikey little fruit. Coming up with a name for your hedgehog can be easy if you give it a little thought. The reason for this is that hedgehogs usually walk with their heads down, thus conc If it sounds right, pick it! Sometimes … Alonzo – A strong Spanish name like this is … When you’ve found your favorite, don’t forget to let us know in the comments at the end! Here are some to get you started. While hedgehogs can learn to understand their name, they aren’t like dogs where it’s crucial to your ability to train them. Hedgehogs make great pets as they are adorable little spiky balls that you can love and easily hold in the palms of your hands. Sometimes they lean towards something funny. But thanks! Cute and Funny Names for a Hedgehog Names for a male hedgehog Asked by Wiki User. January 9, 2018 by James Oliver. There is a series of books where hedgehogs play a role, the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Here are my ideas: -Lilly -Tinkerbell -Snoopy -Willow I'm kind of leaning towards Willow. One of them may be perfect for your little cutie: In Mongolia, for example, it is traditionally believed that it is bad luck for a hedgehog to enter a person’s home. Synonyms for hedgehog in Free Thesaurus. Or, you’re thinking about getting a hedgehog soon. Or, if you do not want to literally pick a hedgehog character, reimagine the names of famous people and give it a name suitable for a hedgehog. Antonyms for hedgehog. At over six years of age, Queen Louella is roughly the equivalent age of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Before you start browsing lists of cute hedgehog names, here are our top tips for picking the perfect name for your prickly pal. Wiki User Answered . Play up the "hog" part of your pet hedgehog with these names inspired by pigs. Hedgehogs only live about three to five years. This species is found in a variety of different countries in Europe, including Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and several others. what is a good middle name for a hedgehog have four hedgehogs there names are huffington,leonard,leslie,howard Anon on October 05, 2018: Mine's named Lenny Briscoe after … They will likely curl up to protect themselves. Plenty are included for male hedgehog names, as well as female hedgehog names. Skippy – A very popular name among hedgehogs. You can sort these Hedgehog pet names by gender and you ... - Now is the time to do it. I named mine Hedgie and Spike. It could be an irony, it could be the name of a cartoon character, a food item, or anything else. If a hedgehog cannot decide upon a name, we leave it up to the senior hedgehog here to a provide a name. Mar 6, 2020 - Explore My Pet's Name's board "Hedgehog Names", followed by 460 people on Pinterest. People have many things that inspire them towards one hedgehog name or another. It can survive across a wide variety of different habitats, thus resulting in its widespread existence. It seems that in some cultures, the hedgehog is traditionally regarded as a symbol of ill-fortune. Russell – after ‘Russell Ferguson’, the orange, green-eyed hedgehog from ‘Littlest Pet Shop’. When they are distressed or upset they will huff and puff, and if you ignore thi… I came up with a list of 100 hedgehog name ideas. They aren't very original. Think about some of the characteristics that you notice about your hedgehog and pick a humorous name based on that. Calvary clover. Napoleon – Or you might want to choose to name your hedgehog after the historically short military commander. In addition, they will bite and possess sharp teeth. Hedgehogs live wild in many parts of Great Britain, so it's natural to choose a British name for your spikey friend. So, if the name you choose is trendy now, it should be able be relevant for the lifetime of your pet. If you prefer a name that has a more masculine ring to it, check out some suitable selections on this list. Sandslash and Shaymin are Pokemon that look like hedgehogs. Here we list some of the most famous hedgehog names from the video game Sonic the hedgehog: Sonic: the famous hedgehog created by Sega, with blue spikes and bold character.Sonic is the star of this game, and we can't imagine a better name for adventurous, intrepid, curious and funny hedgehog. Sonic is a popular hedgehog videogame character. Lianne is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and freelance writer who's written nearly 400 articles for The Spruce Pets. Presently, the senior hedgehog is the hedgehog Monarch of North America, HRM Queen Louella of Lafayette (IHR#18315). Zane – A cool name like this might be appropriate for your Hedgehog. The ancient Egyptians’ admiration for the hedgehog is, however, not shared by other cultures. Naming Your Hedgehog. But if you’re still unsure, don’t be afraid to take your time. If you are bringing home a pet hedgehog, you are going to need a name for your new prickly friend. Thanks! After all, the name you decide on will last a lifetime. Copy the code below and paste it where you want the visualization of this word to be shown on your page: Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content. Instead, use our list of hedgehog names as a starting point for inspiration. If so check out my hedgehog category here on my blog for other posts about hedgehog care and ownership. Help!! Take a look at 100 names for hedgehogs, including those fitting for males or females, cute and silly ideas, and monikers that refer to pop culture. Barnes – Cute and rare name. Another word for hedgehog: Collins Dictionary Definition | Collins English Thesaurus Hedgehog Names Afterword. It can sometimes be difficult to tell if you have a boy or a girl. Fantasy Team Names Football Baseball Basketball Racing Golf Soccer Hockey Funny Team Names Group Chat For Girls For Work Walking Fitness Girls Softball Running Dance. 2011-01-15 22:30:03 2011-01-15 22:30:03. If your hedgehog is a new addition to the family, he/she may take a bit of time to become comfortable with you. Shadow – after ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ from ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’. Hedgehogs use their acute sense of smell to locate food, grabbing active prey with the mouth as they root around in leaf litter and among plant roots. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Hedgehogs are quiet creatures, though they do make heavy breathing noises--a kind of snuffling sound. Are you looking for a famous or Disney hedgehog names?Look no further! Find 2,482 synonyms for hedge and other similar words that you can use instead based on 17 separate contexts from our thesaurus. Antonyms for Hedgehogs. A hedgehog is covered by approximately 7,000 hollow spines, making them pretty spiky. 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Murphy- when a baby hedgehog puffs imagine it is saying "murf". Bonnie – They aren’t skinny, but the name has a nice ring to it. Top Answer. And it will be 10 easy points. Another word for hedge. 3 synonyms for hedgehog: porcupine, Erinaceus europaeus, Erinaceus europeaeus. Synonyms for Hedgehogs in Free Thesaurus. I'm not sure which gender so male or female names would work. Team Names Soccer Golf Tennis Name Generator … Fluffy- same reason as Bubbles. Maddie – Just to confuse your peers about your pet`s gender. You'll see a few of Sonic's friends also made the list: Amy Rose, Silver, Shadow, and Super Sonic. For Valentine’s Day the florists of Britain and the world sell us British lovers more than eight million roses, mostly red. Answer. If you are looking for something original, I suggest waiting to see the personality. The most important thing to remember when naming your hedgehog is to get to know him a bit before you make the final decision. Hedgehog Names.

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