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how to make a magnolia leaf garland

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Try it over your front door for a festive entry! 3. Next, using cut magnolia leaves, working from the bottom up, glue the leaves to the card stock three at a time. They are a shiny deep green on one side, and often you’ll find a velvety caramel brown color on the reverse. Don’t skip these posts: 20+ Fall Centerpieces, How to Keep Christmas Greens Fresh, How to Enhance a Basic Holiday Wreath, and a how to make a Christmas Garland Centerpiece. I have an event coming up and just wondering if lemon tree leaves might work. Are these fresh-cut magnolia leaves? Prepare the branches. Or are they preserved? I had great luck nabbing magnolia leaves from my in-laws’ back yard, but if you need to order some, call your local florist or order online from a reputable site like Fifty Flowers. Taylor's secret? Pick your leaves. Flip the leaves over, exposing their lighter-colored backside. Step Two: Cut up all of your felt into leaves. I alternated three and four leaves in these bunches just to change the texture of the garland a bit. Try to strategize your cut out so that the majority of the felt is used and not wasted. Wishing you all a wonderful new year, and happy making! Lay it slightly overlapping, and bind it to the garland with the paddle wire. 1. For longer lasting fresh holiday greens, try a wilt stop product to extend freshness. Enjoy! As with all of our posts, DIY projects featured on The Sweetest Occasion may not be copied, distributed or reproduced without express written permission. ), and this magnolia garland from Hobby Lobby. Gather three or four leaves and arrange them in a fan, then wrap a 3″ portion of floral wire around the stems to hold them together. This particular method is for a garland that will be laying or hanging flat against a surface. Why You’ll Love this Holiday Garland Project, Press | Style Me Pretty | Kansas City Wedding. This allows for movement. Start with magnolia leaves. How to Make a Magnolia Garland. Want more? Start your garland by laying the magnolia tip on the cording wire, making sure you leave a few inches on the end for tying off. How to make a Christmas garland from fresh Greenery - YouTube Put your gloves on to protect your hands while you’re working with the floral wire. Add each set an inch to two inches above the previous set. I have a southern magnolia tree in my back yard and have been wanting to create something like this! Thank you!!:). This is the most adorable magnolia leaf garland! This magnolia leaf garland is stunning! Unfortunately, I have no magnolia tree in my vicinity (no leaves in winter), but I'll definitely keep this idea on my mind (and on my Pinterest). Learn how to make a magnolia garland for your holiday decor! Note: You have a few options for magnolia leaves to use for this project. I hung mine using one of my favorite products- 3M Command Strips. I think it can stay nice for weeks. Every year after Christmas, my mom and I are so bummed to take down all of the decorations. I recommend starting on the left end of the rope and having the stems of the leaves pointing to the right; that way you aren’t working backward as you attach more bundles to the rope. You want the wire to be... 3. Wipe down all the leaves to rid them of excess dirt. 4. Thanks so much! Spray paint the back of your leaves gold. Nov 24, 2020 - Explore Lccorn's board "Magnolia leaf garland" on Pinterest. As you can see, they weren’t exactly as helpful as we had hoped. Cut a few pieces of floral wire approximately 6 to 8 inches long. Unfortunately I don't have a magnolia tree :-(. Start by gathering your magnolia leaves. Founded in 2008 by editor and cocktail shaker in residence, Cyd Converse, The Sweetest Occasion is a food and lifestyle blog featuring easy party recipes, entertaining tips, party ideas, festive cocktails and more! Posted on November 28, 2018 Categories DIY Projects, Florals + Centerpieces, Garlands + Bunting. What a lovely and inspiring idea! Learn how to make this gorgeous holiday garland with a simple template, glue, and pretty magnolia leaves. You are here: When I created this magnolia leaf garland, I knew I needed it to be fast, simple, and lightweight. Here’s what you’d need to make the wreath: 1 magnolia wreath OR; 10 magnolia stems OR; 2-3 garlands OR; 3-4 package of leaves… How to Make a Garland in 5 Steps. We set our garlands out over a little hutch and hanging on some french doors, but you could put these in a zillion places. Many of the links on this blog are affiliate links. Did I mention they won’t remove your paint or leave a sticky residue? The number of leaves you poke through each hole will depend on the thickness of the stems but you want the stems to fit fairly tightly in the holes. 3. This type of fresh holiday garland can work far beyond your mantel this year! Hi Nel! I knew no matter how many trips I visited Hubby's grandfather's magnolia tree, I didn't see myself getting enough leaves to make a 12 inch thick here's the simple version which I think turned out pretty darn cute. I hope this helps! Make the most of your magnolia-leaf garland during the holidays with tried-and-true tips for protection, maintenance and crafting. It was about a foot thick and over the top beautiful. Tie the stems together with florists wire ($3, Michaels). It looks lovely: festive, but not overly Christmassy. Fortunately, this method makes it so easy! The contrasting brown and … You’ll be attaching these little bundles to the rope at about 3″ intervals, so make enough of them to accommodate your entire garland. xoxo, [Photos by Lovely Indeed for The Sweetest Occasion. Using another 3″ length of floral wire, wrap the first bundle to the rope. I glued one face down and 2 face up for some texture and added color.

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