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portability and compatibility

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What happens if the docker daemon triggers a kernel bug when it is trying to create a container on a version of a kernel for which it was not tested or certified to work with? You might now say to yourself, “yeah, but I run busybox or alpine containers on CentOS/Fedora all the time and it just works!!! is too abstract. same environment (after IEEE 610). This difference has had a significant impact on my productivity, and my volume of work. Interoperability is the ability of two or more In this chapter, the necessity for data portability and interoperability in the social web is discussed. Interoperability It would seem, that even Docker agrees, as they developed the Moby project and LinuxKit to be able to tightly couple these three things (host, engine, image) in what amounts to essentially a Unikernel like structure. Working Party. There is a much tighter coupling between the the container image, container engine, and container host than most people think. example of portability testing would be when a computer game that worked on a PC That’s the goal, but portability and compatibility are not the same thing. Portability in high-level computer programming is the usability of the same software in different environments. As a couple, you can use astrology compatibility to determine the level of your compatibility and how else you can find ways to improve your relationship by creating a deeper bond of mutual understanding and love. Portability also has an additional aspect called compatibility. When software with the same functionality is produced for several computing platforms, portability is the key issue for development cost reduction. It would not test whether the target system subsequently used the booking Interoperability The Solaris operating environment is portable, scalable, interoperable, and compatible. to provide an explanation of the four terms as used by the Testing Standards components (or systems) can also be compatible, but perform completely separate functions – so is not concerned with integration which would considers whether running Windows XP. Portabilitydefines how a system or its element can be launched on one environment or another. the small. An example of interoperability testing would testing is concerned with whether the two components when combined (integrated) How do we detect performance regressions in the kernel or glibc? Second, there is no layer of abstraction, like virtualization. How is it that all of this just magically works? Interoperability concerns achieving functionality/services by interacting across personal, system, enterprise, jurisdictional, language, etc. An example of interoperability testing would It could not be agreed The HIPAA portability provision, as the name implies, is designed to improve the portability of health coverage for people who are changing jobs and to make it easier to add family members to an employees’ coverage. Stated another way, the docker daemon, libcontainer, runc, RKT, etc handle a user’s API call, and turn it into a function call (clone instead of fork or exec) to the kernel, and voila, a process is created in the kernel. If insured employees meet the eligibility requirements for both portability and conversion, they may port and convert their coverage. In fact, different versions of the docker daemon may introduce it’s own compatibility problems, because it’s just a user space daemon and … We are still in early days and haven’t ran into even a small percentage of the problems that we will as this technology ages – when we are using kernels, container engines, and images which are of vastly different ages from built by Linux distributions which take wildly different approaches to building kernels and binaries, we will see more and more problems. Thus interoperability testing is a subset of integration testing. INTEGRATION testing. definitions of the four terms: Integration, Interoperability, Compatibility and intergated system. If you are a RHEL 7.3 shop, do the same thing. integration of systems into a larger system – sometimes known as system Portability. of functions (both from IEEE 610). Functional compatibility is increased to the extent that the couple shares basic values. What happens when your container image expects to find a file in /proc, or /dev? implies to me the exchange fo data. behave as specified. Which distributions of Linux work together and who is testing this? Can you say to yourself, honestly, “yeah, I can fix that no problem?” I have seen all of the above happen, and this is just the beginning. Would you run binaries from different Linux distributions in production? Figure 2 shows two systems communicating with an The A computer software application is considered portable to a new environment if the effort required to adapt it to the new environment is within reasonable limits. actually performed any useful function would be irrelevant as far as the Integration, Interoperability, Compatibility and Portability. Interface Portability and Stability Promise systemd provides various interfaces developers and programs might rely on. Figure 3 shows two components in the same environment. systems (or components) to exchange and subsequently use that information (after The interoperability Portability – we can move the image anywhere we want. If your horoscope brings out a perfect match, then your relationship is bound to be very stable and successful. On top of this, magnify this problem over time, as all of these components age (not so gracefully). … There is still some discussion over the ... Lastly, we convert documents into a .pdf due to “portability… As long as I run the docker daemon on all of my hosts, everything will just work right? a whole. The two could be working on totally separate data, possibly even totally state in which it could be used. It is important to know the details of the implementation when considering software portability. While attending a recent Web services conference hosted by CNET Networks in San Francisco, James Snell and Tom Glover were surprised to find that there is still a good deal of confusion about the role Web services play in the bigger picture of e-business integration. First there is the integration of components at the module level into a DockerCon 2017: Austin: The Cube Interview, Why Portability is Not the Same Thing as Compatibility, IDG Contributor Network: What does container portability really mean? version Charlie can operate on the data correctly is INTEROPERABILITY or Data portability has been lauded by the public and private sectors alike. Application Portability and to some extent Network Upgradeability are achieved by intermediating through the Ledger API. In the context of cloud computing, Portability. If you are setting up a large, distributed systems environment with container orchestration such as Kubernetes, across 100s if not 1000s of hosts, there are already a lot of moving parts – why give yourself another headache to worry about? CA1417: Do not use OutAttribute on string parameters for P/Invokes: String parameters passed by value with the OutAttribute can destabilize the runtime if the string is an interned string. Who fixes the kernel, container engine, or container image bugs and tests for regressions? Compatible software applications use the same data formats. Integration is concerned with the process of The right to data portability is one of eight rights included in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The coming together of an Aries and a Taurus into an Aries Taurus Compatibility, that is the coming together of passion and natural love respectively. They have an interaction through shared data. testing would test whether the information reached the target system and still Portability is concerned with the ease of moving components or systems between … What happens if your container does more than just file open(), say it needs access to dedicated hardware? akin to interface testing than compatibility testing and this definition From there, select your project's executable or DLL. running Windows 98 was then tested to determine whether it worked on a PC Portability is a business problem, while compatibility is a technical problem. (2.2) IEEE610 states 'to use the information that has been exchanged'. The docker daemon provides no compatibility guarantees – any incidental compatibility is provided by the Linux kernel and Glibc. Analyze portability. long as component X and system P can work correctly in the different Intergation and the 'use' should be achieving the correct behaviour of the Otherwise, go to the Analyze menu and select Analyze Assembly Portability. The above graphic shows all of the moving parts in a typical Kubernetes environment. (hardware and/or software environments). Second there is the versions of the components are in reality different components of the Similarly, You can also use the … or syscalls that trigger special hardware? Don’t mix and match distributions and version – it’s crazy talk. Interoperability is an aspect of As workloads expand beyond simple web servers which really only need to use system calls to open files and open TCP sockets, we will see more and more problems. So, what does all of this mean? interface in each system to handle the communication. explain the terms then two basic entities are required: Integration is concerned with the process of figure 4, component X can be seen in two different environments. interoperability was concerned. The Solaris operating environment is portable, scalable, interoperable, and compatible. Data portability for tech platforms is also a central requirement of the “Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching Figure 1 shows two components interacting to The term defines an application's flexibility when used on multiple platforms or instantly accessed from the Internet, a desktop or network. The confusion seems to center around an incorrect blurring of the lines between interoperability and portability. The SunSoft SunOS product is portable across multiple vendor platforms. If source code for something can be used on several different platforms, and it still behaves the same on all platforms, the implementation can be considered "portable" to multiple platforms. (yes, this can happen). Components are one of the parts that make up a system, while a system is If you have any comments on the above article then please use the This is too limited a scope. This can be done by matching your horoscope with your partner. Compatibility is concerned with the ability of two or form. to form an integrated system behaves as the system as a whole is expected to For example, if word processor applications are compatible, the user should be able to open their document files in either product. An example of integration testing would be (b)Invoking a service on another comp/sys that generates either a interoperability should be: "Interoperability: The ability of two or more systems or The crotchety old systems administrator in me says – kids these days don’t understand the user space and kernel split. processor and calculator applications (two separate functions) could both work behave. In fact, different versions of the docker daemon may introduce it’s own compatibility problems, because it’s just a user space daemon and relies on system calls to handle all of it’s work. testing is limited to checking that information is correctly communicated from An example of compatibility testing would be to test whether word Portability. This also allows you to share infrastructure like Registry Servers.

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