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benefits of virtualization in disaster recovery

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Employee Responsibility and Task Allocation. If you have the right systems in place, then you will not have much trouble getting back on track. disaster recovery, virtualization is easier to manage and more flexible as well (Vanover; Mello,Jr., 2009). Among them is additional flexibility and cost savings in the deployment of a disaster recovery solution. The obvious benefit of having a disaster recovery plan is business continuity, regardless of the circumstances. Disaster Recovery and HCI don’t need to be complicated. Traditional DR-based backup and restoration techniques typically imposed high IT costs as administrators anguished over delicate hardware dependencies -- often forcing some companies to ignore or overstate their DR preparedness. Often, in the case of disasters like floods, earthquakes, and fires, the data becomes susceptible to lose in physical zones. As there are many benefits achieved through virtualization, there can be lost as well due to the management overhead and the aligning complexity of a virtualization strategy with disaster recovery tools designed for physical environments and virtualization-aware BC/DR solutions can help in overcoming this. Applications and servers that are deemed less critical in a disaster can be tuned down with less resources, while assuring that the most critical applications get the resources they need to keep the business running through the disaster. As virtualization does not need actual hardware machinery to be installed or used, IT organizations find it to be a cheaper mechanism to implement. Organizations are constantly striving to achieve maximum optimization in their IT infrastructure systems. Finally, the use of virtualization results in 85% improvement in recovery time from unplanned downtime. The older infrastructures are incapable of recovering within a few hours and in most cases, companies experience a much longer downtime which results in revenue loss. Benefits of virtualization. The benefits of switching to virtualization technology allow enterprises to maximize output. But to reap these benefits, companies need to address the challenges of technology, reviewing plans for disaster recovery. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Disaster recovery plans have multiple components. This study describes some disaster recovery mechanisms in major virtualization technologies such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle VM, and Parallel workstation. 8. Virtualization is not an IT trend. Virtualization technology is changing the face of disaster recovery (DR). Most enterprise virtualization platforms contain software that helps automate the fail over during a disaster. Advantages of Disaster Recovery in Cloud: This makes it ideal for disaster recovery over other methods VMware, 2009). Disaster Recovery. Speedy Recovery Time: In the event of a system failure or disaster virtualization allows for faster recovery of IT resources which provides for improved business continuity and revenue. Virtualization offers three important benefits to organizations when it comes to chalking out a solution for disaster recovery. 1. As disaster recovery becomes a bigger concern for all organizations, HCI offers a more agile, scalable, and easily managed DR solution for both large and small enterprises. Having a strategic approach to business continuity can help a company in a number of other important ways. Here are 5 ways that DR planning can benefit your business. A DR plan is only as strong as the people executing it. The same consolidation abilities that make your in-house server setup cheaper also make it much cheaper and easier to set up a backup site. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of virtualization first! Data Center Virtualization has three key benefits when it comes to disaster recovery. The ability to move a virtual machine from one server to another is perhaps one of the greatest single benefits of virtualization with far reaching uses. Great Disaster Recovery Strategy. It’s easy to see the benefits of cost savings, but virtualization saves businesses in more ways than on equipment and power costs. As smaller organizations leverage the potential of virtualization, it is critical they consider the implications on their disaster recovery planning," the report concluded. Other real benefits include access and uptime for the data center and network services. Whether it is running high end enterprise applications or storing large volumes of data, companies look for ways to implement newer technologies that help them to scale faster. How Network Virtualization with HA and Disaster Recovery. Better Disaster Recovery. Virtualization will provide hardware abstraction to your data center. For example, suppose your organization’s sever infrastructure consists of 20 separate servers. Virtualization is one of the best technologies for disaster recovery because of high resource utilization, high availability, ease of power management, recovery management and dynamic infrastructure. While on-premises, secondary datacenter and cloud data disaster recovery options are viable in today’s data-first financial sector, the cloud recovery option offers a few unique advantages to institutions of every size. At the same time several servers were approaching end of … Disaster recovery: Besides the benefit of recoverability when hardware failures occur, an even bigger benefit of virtualization comes into play in a true disaster recovery situation. In a previous article on virtualisation and disaster recovery, Computer Weekly looked at some of the aspects that enable disaster recovery (DR) in a virtual server environment. When used as part of a backup and disaster recovery plan, virtualization technologies can save businesses money by dramatically reducing downtime and its associated costs. Server virtualization allows you to move a virtual machine from one server to another quickly and safely. "DR has been made pretty easy and very straightforward in … The virtualization of data on physical servers makes it easier, fast, and efficient system of systemizing information. It is also not new, but it is new in many organizations, as companies of all sizes invest in virtualization technologies to reap it’s many benefits: energy savings, server and desktop provisioning, reduction in physical servers, increased uptime and availability, better disaster recovery…and the list goes on. Virtualization also provides for a greater degree of hardware independence since the virtual machines are separated from the physical hardware by the virtualization technology that is being used. Using virtualization as part of a disaster recovery plan also allows businesses to automate some disaster recovery processes, bringing everything back online faster. Server Virtualization and Disaster Recovery Prepared by South Colonie Central School District 2 Executive Summary In 2007 South Colonie Central School District sought out an affordable and reliable disaster recovery solution. Virtualization technology is useful for a variety of reasons, particularly where reducing costs are concerned, but one way virtualization can help people immensely is through its use in backup and disaster recovery. An effective plan must include backup and protection of confidential data, proactive monitoring of networks and automated recovery, and testing to minimize the problems of availability and ensure maximum activity. Other than the obvious benefits of peace of mind and business continuity, having a disaster recovery plan in place will help your business immensely and ensure that your data is secure. Businesses are prone to face disastrous situations at some point. Virtualization is cheaper. Here are the top 4 benefits of disaster recovery planning: 1. This is where virtualization helps you. "Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers by a third party to provide failover in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe. You don’t need the same servers or equipment in the disaster recovery site. The abstraction observed here with virtualization is an added advantage. Virtualization benefits your business in both the good times and the bad. Cost-Efficiency. VMware Disaster Recovery Virtualization Figure 1 – Tape backup (top) compared to Double-Take RPO and RTO (bottom) Using Virtual Machines and Data Replication for Disaster Recovery There are many benefits to virtualization technologies. Virtualization has removed much of the toil involved with restoring operations from a disaster recovery system, according to Eric Schou, a senior product marketing manager at Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC. Holly Connor November 10, ... it can assist with a disaster recovery plan as well. Organizations are now able to leverage the benefits of virtualization technology to protect the servers in the network that are commonly left under-protected. The use of virtualization and cloud computing has given rise to several new, flexible services, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (Paas). Disaster Recovery Planning: Cloud vs. On-Premises. Disaster recovery is introduced in an era where nothing seems to be permanent. Disaster recovery in the cloud is a reasonably fresh idea, and there's plenty of hype and misinformation out there. Disaster recovery simplifies backup and recover by providing an easy way to perform system-level backup and restoration. A new application of server virtualization has emerged for disaster planning and recovery. Cloud DR's objective is to provide a way for an organization to retrieve information and enforce failover in case of a human-made or natural disaster. For virtualization to be an effective disaster recovery tool, frequent transfer of data and workloads is essential, as is good communication within the IT team about how many virtual machines are operating within an organization.

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