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1980s car stereo systems

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General Motors started developing radios in the 1930s, and had a captive company to do the work. The holy grail of home hi-fi systems was to replicate the sound of a concert hall. My wife at the time, a tech at a Pontiac dealer, installed a 10 disk changer in the trunk (SONY I think) and integrated it into the stereo. I think if you check out the current – and much broader offering from Bose Professional – you’ll find that my colleagues on that side of the business have really stepped up their game. We stop at around 1999 because I have not yet studied the newer systems. Herdio Marine Stereo Receiver Speaker Kit - in-Dash LCD Digital Console Built-in Stereo Sound System + 4 Inches Marine Surface Mount Box Speakers(Black) 3.9 out of 5 stars 120. True that it seem like a crazy amount to spend, but these days folks have found other things to spend their money on. My 2016 Civic. Accessories. In fact, each 901 speaker contained nine drivers – eight of which were aimed at walls. I’m not sure when (of if, for that matter), GM dropped that idea, but I can see a scenario where the R&D work on the sound system was well under way, and might as well just continue at that point. Learn how your comment data is processed. Eric, as always, the amount of research you do is amazing and it’s really paid off here. Not me…..I’d be constantly second guessing it. Stereophonic sound or, more commonly, stereo, is a method of sound reproduction that creates an illusion of multi-directional audible perspective.This is usually achieved by using two or more independent audio channels through a configuration of two or more loudspeakers (or stereo headphones) in such a way as to create the impression of sound heard from various directions, as in natural hearing. Get the best deals on pioneer stereo system when you shop the largest online selection at For General Motors, its affiliation with Bose was a much-needed success in what otherwise was a brutal decade. From the ’73 Ford LTD’s Philco? With four 25-watt amplifiers and excellent speakers, this was an advanced system for its day, however Bose’s first foray into car audio was not a commercial success. Nearly $901 (see what I did there? Ready to GO! Electronics ... Kenwood Bluetooth Marine Radio Car ATV CD/MP3 USB iPod iPhone Pandora Player 4 6.5" Inch Marine Speakers System - Outdoor Marine Audio Kit. The latest NRSC standard adopted by the FCC allows AM stations to go out to 10.2 kHZ (FM goes out to 15 kHz, and CDs to 22.05 kHz). The only firm in the top 5 that produced small amounts of captive IC was Honeywell (at 10-20%). Our Mini/Juke/CX-3 of the last 10y confirm this, last car w/an aftermarket system was our 2005 Matrix…. Condition. I prefer to listen to most systems with the bass, treble, fade, and balance all set in the middle, but I’ll get into rental cars, or fleet cars at the office, with the settings all over the place. Curbside Classic: 1986 Isuzu Trooper II – An Unfulfilled Desire, Vintage R&T Review: 1967 Lamborghini Espada – The Lamborghini of Personal Luxury Coupes, eBay Classic: 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan – Fairest Among Ten Thousand, Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: “7 Passenger VW Rabbit, 1980”, Vintage R&T Review: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix – The American Espada. The 2007 Mustang has the Shaker 500 system. I wonder if Dilworth wanted her to touch the Wonder Bar. The system has been completely reliable through 11 years of heavy use by our family. Even more significantly, this system had a profound effect on the overall car market. Successes were rare for GM during this period, and its US market share plummeted from 44% to 35%… but among the company’s achievements was a product that almost immediately changed how carmakers approached sound systems. In most 1980s car stereo systems, a driver or passenger would mostly hear sound coming from the nearest speaker, meaning that any kind of genuine stereo effect was lost – and no amount of fiddling with balance controls could compensate for that. I think that is where the contention comes from – the marketing and the price. The funny thing is that I had equated Delco radios with crap, at least before the Bose connection. Some car stereos only offer one set of preamp outputs—basically limiting you to a stereo system with no subwoofer. Bravo Eric. I would be fascinated to hear about the organizational dynamics between a huge company like GM and a small tech company like Bose. I like it a lot better than all the crazy wire and speakers running everywhere “surround sound” systems that were popular then. Source: Wall Street Journal, Aug. 29, 1983. The Delco-GM/Bose system was incrementally improved with each new model, but the core concept stayed the same, and continued to receive outstanding reviews. The units didn’t sound terrible, but they didn’t come close to delivering stereo either. Of course, the best mix for that would not be the best for a nice stereo system. My experience with JBL many years ago (a pair of L100s or something very similar in a classroom) was that JBL specialized in very forward, nails-on-a-chalkboard sound that did no favors to the classical music played for us in our classes. Car stereos might have a different number of preamp outputs, too. The Delco-Bose sound systems represented a real upgrade from the standard radio and proved the market acceptance of high priced electronics. Hi, Evan. With “Beats” it’s all lows and no highs. AM Only radio (wherein I installed a Pioneer system with a whopping 4 watts per channel!). MrClassicAds1980s Recommended for you. My TourX has the optional upmarket BOSE system and honestly I wanted it initially for the upgrade to an 8in screen over the 7 in base screen.

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