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thai visa health insurance

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I have a Non O visa which does not require mandatory Heath insurance. Health insurance policy must have coverage not less than 400,000 Thai Baht per policy year for Inpatient, and not less than 40,000 Thai Baht per policy year for outpatient. But then again, I don’t have the massive sense of entitlement that some other western expats seem to have. To retire comfortably there are a few things you need to know before you pack your bags and head over. Il ne permet pas de travailler et donne le droit de rester en Thaïlande pour un an avec de multiples entrées. Your 3.4MegaBaht estimate is an overstatement. 2. More. December 14, 2019 at 3:15 pm. What are the insurance requirements for getting the 10 years retirement Visa? After all, the only reason I’m even considering retiring overseas in the first place is because I will not have sufficient monthly retirement funds to continue to live here on the California coast – well, that and the fact that I’m beginning to really hate even the relatively mild and short winters we have here. And your $75k won't last long! They have to support the insurance industry somehow!! Yes, as long as you get insurance from an approved provider and it meets the minimum requirements. Been in Thailand since April 2109 on an OA. Here's one that explains how restrictive this new rule can be for those over 65 and 70: 4 carriers on the Thailand Long Term Insurance website will insure me at 70 years or older. Of course, I have to say that the exchange rates also have me a bit worried lately. After 60 days in Thailand, you can apply for a 1-year extension at an immigration office – providing you meet the financial requirements, as stipulated in my retirement visa post. THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTY HOUSE WITH POOL IS ABOUT 12 MILLION BAHT. Thai banks all offer a wide range of insurance plans. The premium must meet the minimum requirements. Yes. You would need to obtain a B visa from outside of Thailand, with a letter from your perspective employer. I'm unsure why they specifically choose the O-A for the health insurance. Other terms, conditions and exclusions subject to the original Health and Personal Accident Insurance Policy wordings. You can currently avoid the insurance by getting a single entry O visa and then extending that based on retirement after spending 60 days in Thailand. Health Insurance will give you coverage for health issues and accidents that may occur. Here's a couple of quotes I got based on being 50 years old and exceeding the 40k outpatient and 400k inpatient cover. At that point, your Spouse Visa, which I am assuming you will obtain, becomes an issue as you will be unable to provide insurability if you leave Thailand and wish to return to your wife. And lets face it, if it actually bothers you that I am bothered by the thought of a person from a rich country becoming a financially liability to a poor country then its pretty clear that you are definitely one of those bad apples.Also, I hate to burst you bubble but there is actually no correlation whatsoever between nationality and this particular negative personality type. None. The letter must come from the embassy, but they no longer issue them, thus the new requirements as set out in the link I shared in my last reply. It's important to check the policy terms beforehand. Thanks. My visa expires on 25th so we don't have time to marry before I must leave Thailand (Non Imm O-A and having problems getting insured, 66 years old and 2013 pre existing health history - atrial fibrillation - from which I have a 7 year proof of non recurrance following a procedure which cured my problem ). I saw rumours that a foreign insurance company not on the Thai government list that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for O-A Visa might be accepted at some point by the Thai government. Agents and brokers offer local insurance and it’s what you’ll see advertised in local media. For more information, please contact: Thaivivat Insurance PCL. And they brought in some pre existing conditions to the new OPD cover after looking at my hospital records ( without my knowledge). No content on this site may be copied without written consent from I've had a fair few emails from disgruntled readers. Impossible huh. Not as far as I know - the Thai system is for Thai's only.Otherwise, all those seeking the marriage visa would not need to organise their own cover.Again AFAIK... you do NOT need to gt the specific policy with those requirements listed above if you go for the marriage visa.I could be wrong but that's how it was explained to me. Local insurance is a form of private health insurance that’s sold by Thai companies and even banks to expats in Thailand. Where retirement is concerned, you can obtain a single entry Non Immigrant O Visa from your home country, or neighboring country to Thailand, which gives you entry to Thailand for 90 days. More on that here: I hear people talking about how "easy" it is to switch to a type O, but unless you are married to a Thai person or have family, you must be legit volunteering and per the Thai embassy website you must have "Original letter of invitation or acceptance from the non-profit foundations AND foundations registration with Thai government". Please talk to us. Did I miss something? > Check Cost of Living > Find a TEFL Course Hi Sidney,You would apply for the O visa in your home country and then do the 1-year extension (based on marriage) in Thailand. It would make sense, right? In the case where the accompanying spouse is not eligible to apply for the O-A visa, he or she will be considered for temporary stay under Category “O” visa. I'm pretty sure you can't swap from 0-A to B inside Thailand; but don't quote me on that because someone will no doubt say they know someone who did it. Yes, you will need the insurance for your next extension. Aetna personal health insurance From October 2019, the Thai Ministry of Public Health requires foreigners aged 50 and above living in Thailand or who intend to live in Thailand on a long stay visa within 1 year (O-A type) to be in possession of health insurance that provides a minimum coverage of THB 400,000 for in-patient treatment and THB 40,000 for out-patient treatment. But the July start date isn’t yet ‘set in stone’. They will insure you at 76 years old, with renewals up to 100 years old – starting at 120,000 Baht. No.Policy states It was 40,000 baht OPD cover claims for one year. This's TGIA website. Suthipol Taweechaikarn, secretary-general of the Insurance Commission, revealed today that he had approved the insurance for foreigners at a premium rate on August 28. CURRENTLY IN THE U.S.A. IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN USE THAT AS COLLATERAL INSTEAD OF GOING THE BANK ROUTE /. Hi Peter, However, holders of the Non-Immigrant O-X visa have needed mandatory insurance since 2017. They are more expensive than what’s provided by Mister Prakan, but Luma comes … Read More Personal Accident Insurance vs. Health Insurance. Hi Peter, thank you for this information. The requirements for doing the extension in Thailand have changed a little because the UK and US embassies no longer issue income verification letters. And even if there were, this could only be determined by extensive statistical data and not by personal observations. Thailand over the past few years has been making it more difficult for people of moderate means to retire there. I extended my Non O retirement visa 2 times till now...if you look on youtube the videos from « integrity legal » the lawyer makes a lot of comments regarding retirement visa and health insurance. Non O can be issued for retirement. This means if you arrived 3 years a go on an OA visa and since then have been getting extensions in Chiang Mai, you will need to show health insurance at your next extension. Again thinking inside the box. If I leave Thailand for A uk visit on my return will immigration want to see health insurance cert as well as the Re entry permit? With an OA, you can keep the money in your home country, at first.Perhaps that's the loophole they were trying to close. The coverage limits for most private local insurance plans work differently than in the West. Health Insurance, A Mandatory Requirement For Thailand Long-stay Visa Applicants . They have confirmed that any person who has previously held and OA visa and then extended it inside Thailand WILL NEED health insurance for the renewal. Sorry. ThaiVisa needs adverts to support its costs and being able to provide you with information about Thailand and a place where to gather information about our beloved country. Anyway, it’s bad enough that I would have to put at least $15,000 dollars of my savings aside that I would never be able to touch for the rest of my life simply to have a visa. I am in Thailand and due to renew my O-A visa mid February. Good news. Instead … This is my case, I came to Thailand with a multiple entry tourist visa and then I applied in Bangkok for a 3 months non O visa with the purpose of retirement. Because of COVID, cannot leave Thailand to changeover my visa to an O. I am now 76 years old. I found that if you use the Mr Prakan site you can can shave a bit off the premiums. I'm 65 and want to move to Thailand. Just needed to know if an O-A (retirement visa) can be obtained if your 50 years of age since you mentioned 50+If so & if the visa is valid for a year and if I were to get a job during that period, would I be able to change my visa to an employment visa.Cheers ! I had flu pretty bad once and went for a blood test and got some meds at Pharam 9 and it wasn't more than 2,500 - pretty sure it was cheaper. Authorities are now preparing the new guidelines to enforce the rules approved by Cabinet last month. In his opinion, both non O and non O-A need insurance certificate to be extended. It can also be issued for the purpose of retirement. We are an excellent choice for processing many types of Visas in Thailand. You can't switch to a plain-vanilla O in your home country. Special Visa to Enter Thailand. or is this not relevantThanks kindly Brian. IMPORTANT INFORMATION : As of 31 October 2019, visa applicant for Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (for retirement long stay) must have health insurance which covers the whole period of stay in Thailand. Most of the restrictive laws, for the TM30, land ownership, restrictive visas, etc., have been on the books for decades or longer. The new mandatory health insurance rule applies to both new Non-Immigrant O-A visa applicants and current Non-Immigrant O-A visa holders who obtained the visa after the enforcement date. And if we exclude medical tourism from the statistics and only include those who did not plan on getting sick or injured while in Thailand then the percentage of non-payers is more like 25%. A. charging a 500 Baht entry fee to each person entering the country (per year) – this would have covered the cost of unpaid bills cited by the health department. Reasonable, I guess, depending on your exchange rate, and if the insurance cover is solely for Thailand. LEARN MORE. Make an Appointment. This was facilitated by the burgeoning Chinese tourist and retirement trade so there was an economic incentive to clean out the basement. The UK bills foreign nationals but they are still allowed to leave without paying. Shocking !! Unwelcome element apparently. PLATINUM. I'm not convinced of that, but what is true is that those 50+ years old are more likely to develop long-term illness. In any case, I’m not really quite sure what you meant by “overstatement”. you'll see that you can get around the insurance requirement by going down the O visa route. That means that my $75K in savings may only be 2.1 million baht rather than the 3.4 million that it would have been at the higher exchange rate. > Find a Job BANGKOK — Foreigners entering Thailand with a retiree stay visa will soon have to buy mandatory health insurance, a health official said Wednesday.. Foreigners will be able to buy insurance from participating companies – including Thaivivat Insurance Public Health Co. Ltd., Pacific Cross Health Insurance Co. Ltd and Bangkok Insurance Public Co. Ltd. – via the Thai General Insurance Association. Generally, however, you will need bank statements covering 3 months, which show a monthly income of more than £1,500 (not sure what the amount is for US citizens).After 60 days in Thailand you will be eligible to do the 1-year extension at immigration. Has someone already experienced after November 2019 an extension of stay based on Non O retirement at Bangkok CW? For 40 years of operation, the company commits to serve health insurance and offer quality products and services as our main mission. I think they are consciously trying to drive out what they see as riff-raff - those retirees who came to Thailand *just* because it was cheap. In select cases I agree. You’ll either need to pay for your medical expenses out-of-pocket or rely on a Thailand health insurance policy to cover the fees. > Get Health Insurance Ken,Like most [slur removed], you talk a lot and say nothing! If I need to go in the hospital I would come back. B. making sure everyone who enters the country has medical insurance! Since things have certainly changed since I last lived in Thailand nearly 10 years ago I will certainly have to brush up on current visa procedures and requirements. Steve,Well, fortunately most of the foreigners I’ve met while visiting Thailand over the past 30 years have been really great people so I can’t see any reason for anyone to stay away just because of a few bad apples like yourself. You don't need the mandatory health insurance for this visa. On the other hand, some lawyers are saying that there is no difference for the Thai immigration between non O retirement and non O-A retirement, both are defined by the same regulation...this is in contradiction with your point of view. Special Tourist Visa (STV) Participating Companies. Peter,Is it still the case that the mandatory health insurance requirement does not apply to the Non Immigrant O visa, and that said visa can still be issued for the purpose of retirement? Frankly, if given the option, I would probably just as soon put up a surety bond for 400,000 baht than to pay the overpriced insurance premiums every month.Of course I can’t really blame the Thai government for not wanting to get stuck footing the bill for all these deadbeat foreigners – even if they are going about remedying the situation in totally the wrong way. Yes. So only 4 out of the 7 will actually insure those who are 70+. A recent posting said that his understanding from his lawyer was that the requirement applied to both O and OA visas.Thank you. It's just those on the approved list for now. For further information, get in … Different embassies in different countries say different things. Approved by Cabinet in April, the new regulations require anyone seeking to stay in Thailand on a Non-Immigrant O-A visa to buy health insurance that offers Bt40,000 coverage for outpatient treatment and Bt400,000 for inpatient. We have detected that you are running some sort of AdBlock in your computer. The new mandatory health insurance rule applies to both new Non-Immigrant O-A visa applicants and current Non-Immigrant O-A visa holders who obtained the visa after the enforcement date. > Get Your Partner a Visa Good info! The Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) is a special visa introduced by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for long-stay tourists who would like to travel to Thailand. The O-A is obtained in your home country and, when you enter Thailand, you are stamped in for a year. Leave it in the comments section below. And even when you include rent we were still living on about half of what I would be required to have in income in order to qualify for a retirement visa. Apply for Health Insurance for Long Stay Visa. So your kind advice does not help. TTR WEEKLY - May 15, 2019 . Hi Peter,Thanks for all your sterling work and can I say comprehensive, comprehensible and easy to digest presentation style! I also forgot to mention that the Elite visa doesn't require the health insurance either, surprise surprise. You will be stamped back into Thailand for another 12 months and you won't need to purchase any medical insurance for that 12 month period because you obtained your O-A visa before October 31 2019. Currently there are only a few neighboring countries who will issue a plain-vanilla O visa. From October 2019, the Thai Ministry of Public Health requires foreigners aged 50 and above living in Thailand or who intend to live in Thailand on a long stay visa within 1 year (O-A type) to be in possession of health insurance that provides a minimum coverage of THB 400,000 for in-patient treatment and THB 40,000 for out-patient treatment. So if they are kept at the hospital - and manage to pay the bill by crowdfunding - then that means....the bill is paid. You probably can't even get one anymore. And because of this they tend to have an absolute hissy fit when the powers that be suddenly decide to crack down and actually start enforcing these rules. I thought I had everything covered. Here is my problem, I went for renewal of my retirement visa. Starting Oct. … Thaivivat Insurance Building, 71 Din Daeng Road, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400 Telephone: +662-695-0800 or 1231 Ext.4901 Fax. > Book a Hotel Foreigners aged 50 and over residing in Thailand on a particular type of visa will soon be required to buy mandatory health insurance. Copyright Ⓒ 2019 Nationthailand - All rights reserved. AETNA policy 40,000 baht OPD cover is per annum. The Thai insurance regulator has approved Covid-19 coverage for foreigners entering Thailand, including those from high-risk countries. Check with your local bank about options; you'll need to show a valid work visa and there will be a 30 day waiting period before you can see a doctor. > Best Visa Run Option This is a very useful article. I have been relying on my excellent travel insurance up until now which expires 21 Dec (which I can renew). Quick q. Generally outpatient treatment isn't more than a couple of thousand Baht so you may only have to pay a little on top; it's usually the medication that hikes the bill. I've just done it myself out of Phuket. Advertisements are common in expat targeted newspapers and magazines in Bangkok and other popular tourist destinations. Health insurance has been made mandatory for foreigners aged 50 years and above seeking long-term stay in Thailand for Non-Immigrant Visa "O-A" (Long Stay 1 … > Learn Basic Thai But then that would be too bloody easy!! PHUKET: The Immigration Bureau has announced that the mandatory health insurance requirement for foreigners applying for a one-year extension to stay based on a Non-Immigrant O-A visa will come into e Types of Thai Visa. It's being provided as a convenience and for information purposes only. This visa is allowed to stay in Thailand for 1 year each time. After visa has been granted, tourist visa holders have to apply for the certificate of entry at , with submission of bank statements, health insurance, confirmed flight and ASQ hotel booking, as stated above. Expats living in Thailand will have to compulsorily arrange health insurance, according to new proposals from the government. The problem is that when people are allowed to get away with circumventing the rules for a very long period of time they will eventually come to believe that they are somehow entitled to continue doing what they have been doing. > Get Travel Insurance if it was non-immigrant O-A visa that was issued in Canada and extended every year in Thailand, then, that type of visa or extension will definitely … Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term visa categorized under Privilege Entry Visa allowing residency in Thailand along with benefits for a period between 5 and 20 years depending of the chosen package in exchange of a membership fee. But I don't see any mention of that in your article. Look at the retirement visa threads and read Max's comments on the O - By Reason of Retirement. More . AETNA is a local insurer (formally Bupa Thailand) so the cover is likely to be lower. If you have a Thai resident visa and normally live in Thailand but cannot return within the required year, you will be granted an extension to … Buyer beware. An ‘O' category visa can be issued for a range of purposes such as visiting family or friends in Thailand, taking a voluntary job, getting medical treatment, attending a judicial process, and even to work as diplomat's housekeeper. The bill for heart disease, cancer, type-2 diabetes complications, etc., can be a very expensive one. One week before your current O-A visa expires, fly down to KL on a cheap early morning Air Asia flight and return back to Thailand the same day on the late afternoon flight. Under the new rule, all foreigners applying for a one-year permit to stay on an O-A visa must have health insurance coverage for up to B40,000 for outpatient services and up to B400,000 for inpatient services. That being said, when any of these policies do start getting enforced or enhanced, as we're seeing with the retirement visas now, many people take umbrage at the insult to their decision to live or retire in TLOS. what am I missing? COVID AND 100,000 USD INSURANCE Just before the borders of Thailand were closed, the Thai government applied a new insurance requirement. I think some private employers may offer the same but I am not sure. LMG has been considered a staple name for coverage all throughout Thailand. Most I meet do. + Click here for quotes on the Mister Prakan site. We have detected that you are running some sort of AdBlock in your computer. Tweet on Twitter. My question if I get the non O visa then extend it for a year to avoid that what happens after that one year extension if I want to stay ? As Andrew said, LMG insurance is a convenient means for obtaining or maintaining the O-A visa. No, I’ll reserve all my ire for all those deadbeat foreigners who caused this situation in the first place. Non–Immigrant Visa "O-X" (10 years) Participating Companies. If you’re looking for health insurance in Thailand, you’re in the right place. > Book Bus & Ferry Tickets Details of the requirement for health insurance are as follows: For In-patient: health insurance policy must have coverage at least 400,000 Thai Baht per policy year. They have plans that are specifically for retirees who need to get health insurance because of the new visa requirements. And if you want regional or international cover the price rockets. So waht is the problem? This new individual health insurance obligation rule therefore applies from 1 November 2019 to applications for the O-A long-stay visa (for a period of one year), as was already the case for applicants for the O-X long-stay visa (stay of 10 years maximum). Got a question? To buy a policy, foreigners must have a certificate of entry, a Fit to Fly Health or Fit to Travel health certificate, and a medical certificate confirming they tested free of Covid-19 via the RT-PCR method 72 hours prior to departure.

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