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supervision of instruction ppt

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Supervision of Instruction: A Developmental Approach. Supervisors oversee the counselor’s work through a set of activities that include consultation, counseling, training, instruction, and evaluation.” (Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES)) 12. CLINICAL SUPERVISION It can be defined as the type of instructional supervision which draws its data from focused observation of a previously planned class and which involves face-to-face interaction between supervisor/principal and teacher in order to improve the quality of instruction. supervision of instruction and other educational services. Machine is not working properly. Operating and maintenance procedures . There is therefore a greater demand for probity and accountability. Once this takes place, it when we can see how this is impacting an educational environment and the long-term impact it is having on achievement scores. They give regular supervision, and employees are not allowed to carry out any task without supervision. Supervision and staff development: overview of the literature. Application. The five steps of supervision, part one: establish responsibilities. The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content. Meaning of Supervision: ... materials on instruction and methods of teaching and the evaluation of instruction.” Here the word “supervision” means to guide and stimulate the activities of teachers with a view to improve them, i.e., teaching as well as instruction and promoting professional growth. Commemoration of Independence Day and ICT Month Preparation of Instructional Materials and K to 12 Trainings Preparation of alternative programs Differentiated Instruction and Activities Conduct of Pre-Test Many scholars in the field of supervision have given different models of supervision, but there is no evidence to support that any one model of supervision is superior to other. (1990) supervision of instruction is an-in-service education provided by the school system to update and improve teaching. supervision of instruction is one of the major functions of the headteacher. Occasionally referred to as a clinical supervision, educational supervision involves teaching a supervisee skills while also developing their self-awareness at the same time. Purposeful and Intentional ! In any school organization especially the public secondary school setting, Introduction (Have Slide "What is Supervision?" Prospective students who searched for Educational and Curriculum Supervision found the links, articles, and information on this page helpful. 2. There may not be any need for supervisors to inspect that the employees have done the job because they are often present. Depending on the field of study or work, supervisors may utilize a variety of supervision types. Instruction and supervision can get confused is in the arena of educational supervision. It has been popularized in teacher training – especially in North America. Instruction, training and supervision health and safety authority. Arong and Ogbadu (2010) share this view by commenting that instructional supervision provides opportunities for schools to be effective for improving professional development of teachers to effectively manage teaching and learning processes. View by Category Toggle navigation. Condition machine should have been kept in. Without effective supervision, the richness of real client clinic environments in particular is unlikely to be harnessed effectively. The types of educational supervision may vary from a highly structured approach, to a more informal, supportive role. It is seen as an answer of so many questions and solution to a myriad of problems. Effective organization, storage, sharing, and leveraging of knowledge can propel teachers to become more adaptive, innovative, and intelligent. Download Share Share. To determine the impact of the supervision curriculum and instruction we will examine a number of different scholarly sources that come from: books, journals and peer reviewed literature. As a student or any novices of a field, they will encounter episodes of supervision. The process and purpose of principals’ instructional supervision have been debated by teachers, administrators, higher education scholars and legislators (Ikpe, & Jonathan in Etuk, Etudor-Eyo, & Etor, 2015). Questions and answers. Supervision of instruction by Carl D. Glickman, Stephen P. Gordon, Jovita M. Ross-Gordon, 1985, Allyn and Bacon edition, in English Ppt | john dewey | teachers. Why I am able to teach this course: a. Supervising Instructor b. The process and purpose of principals’ instructional supervision have been debated by teachers, administrators, higher education scholars and legislators (Ikpe, & Jonathan in Etuk, Etudor-Eyo, & Etor, 2015). Educational Supervision. Lecture Overheads. The book is organized actually into twelve chapters most of which are related to supervision of instruction, inspection, accountability in education and secondary school Principalship. To provide a framework for planning, conducting, and evaluating one’s supervision work ! “…The cornerstone of effective supervision is caring and progressively collaborative teaching between educators as developing adults” (p. 2). In the first edition of his book Supervision of Instruction: A Developmental Approach, Glickman (1985) affirmed that the most important goal of supervision was to improve instruction. Many in the field have called for various models that can bridge the Introduction Education is gaining more prominence in the affair more than ever before. Dribbler operation and repair manuals, including machine schematics. Introduce Yourself to Students. If teachers can get useful feedback from principals’ supervision of their instruction, they can implement KM behaviors into their professional development. Factors that precipitated such a situation were . Inspection is not applied on a continuous basis. An intentional educational intervention ! A. Actions . 1. Get the plugin now. Allyn and Bacon, 1990 - Inspection des écoles - 471 pages. This lecture has not been reviewed Title: PowerPoint Presentations for Each Chapter of SuperVision and Instructional Leadership: A Developmental Approach (8th Edition) Carl D. Glickman Stephen P. Gordon Jovita M. Ross-Gordon This is done by analyzing the social worker’s interactions with clients and then teaching them how to provide specific services to specific clients. 0 Reviews. Machine jams, dribblers twist. In the fouth edition of his book (1998), he described a number of related actions that constitute a robust approach to supervision. Remove this presentation Flag as Inappropriate I Don't Like This I like this Remember as a Favorite. Information provided. Supervisors give orders and instructions. supervision the student receives will be particularly important. Goal: To create a learning environment that matches the needs of the counselor ! What is Clinical Supervision? curriculum; focused classroom instruction and management; firm consistent discipline; close monitoring of student performance; and strong instructional leadership. Educator effectiveness system differentiated supervision. ! ! Emphasizing democratic decision-making, this graduate-level textbook takes a broad field approach to the multiple skills, techniques, and tasks of educational supervision. This form of supervision is sometimes described as ‘clinical’. It may be scheduled according to the time intervals. Workers jogging the … Flexible . Instructions in dusty, yellowing policy. Employment 3. To this end, the Northern Bedford County School District identifies the following specific purposes of supervision: 1. Observation of Classes. More funds are being committed to education both by the Governments and Private Citizens. Types of Educational Supervision. Brief history of supervision. Supervision of instruction is designed to meet this developmental need in order to maintain effective education and provide sufficient resources for teachers. Observation of Classes. Presentations. “Supervision has gradually moved from the improvement of instruction to the improvement of learning”-Harold Spears. Without supervision of instruction by principal of basic education schools, the products may not achieve the overall goals of higher learning. This way of describing or approaching supervision derives from medical experience. Goal-directed ! Why do we need supervision models? of instruction into whole-school actions (Glickman et al., 2009). Stage 1 . supervision of instruction and other educational services. These findings are also consistent with the effective school literature which puts a great deal of emphasis on instructional leadership role of the school principal in effective schools. Carl D. Glickman. Supervision - Conference - School Visit Managing Co-Curricular Activities. “Supervision should involve facilitating the counselor’s personal and professional development as well as promoting counselor competencies for the welfare of the client. I. This is so because the main purpose of appointing principals to head schools is to give leadership in the teaching and learning process. But all agree that the improvement of instruction is a cooperative process in which all the teachers participate and the supervisor is an educational leader who acts as a stimulator, guide and consultant to the teacher in their effort to improve instruction. Supervision nHistorical Development of Supervision nDescribe a Conceptual Model of Supervision nIdentify supervisors in a school system, their tasks, their roles, and their qualifications. Leadership program 4. To acknowledge that teachers are individuals and professionals with different needs and interests. Thursday, December 10, 2015. Meaning and Scope of Supervision in Education! PPT – SUPERVISION PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 812a2-YWM0O. Clinical supervision has as its goal "the professional development of teachers, with an emphasis on improving teachers' classroom performance“. Take Record. CLINICAL SUPERVISION, a process that focuses on the improvement of instruction by engaging the teacher in a systematic cycle that includes a planning conference, classroom observation & analysis, and a feedback conference. “Supervision is now conceived as process which has for its purpose the general improvement of the total teaching-learning situation”-William A.Yeager. Students may well fail to appreciate what they are experiencing unless their supervisor guides and fosters such appreciation. Posted) 1. Name and family information 2. Evidence. The underlying question of this study was the extent to which supervision as improvement of instruction had been abdicated by principals or usurped by coaches (not personally but as a result of bureaucratic and administrative fiat) given their charge to work with teachers in the classroom. Proactive ! These definitions depict supervision of instruction by school heads as an agent of change. School Supervision: Concepts & Theories 1. Supervision of Instruction Introduction What is Supervision? Scope of Educational Supervision… Supervision – Span of Supervision: Meaning, Guidelines and Kinds Meaning of ‘Span of Supervision and Control’: Span of supervision means the number of subordinates whom a supervisor can competently direct, guide and control.

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