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stellar pink dogwood tree

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A new and distinct cultivar of dogwood tree, substantially as herein shown and described, characterized particularly as to novelty by the unique combination of its vigor and highly floriferous small flowering form similar to its seed parent C. kousa in its upright habit but more spreading and fully branched as a young plant, producing floral bracts of a pinkish coloration, and intermediate to the two parent species in regard to characteristics of the overwintering flower buds and time of flowering, this hybrid being highly sterile, and resistant to disease and insects. As a landscape tree, it offers flowering spring beauty, a fall color show and bright berries in winter. In the meantime, the tree is healthy, has a lovely shape and in fall the leaves turn a spectacular burgandy color. This tree also blooms later than the Florida's which you are currently seeing all over your neighborhood. In order to get all these attributes at their peak, it is a good idea to apply fertilizer for dogwoods. Chart 138B. But I've learned the lesson that many previous posters are extolling. Pink Dogwood prefers soil that does not become too dry and it will thrive in damp locations but not in standing water. I'm disappointed. In field trials where the plant was developed, the plants have been free of infestation by the dogwood borer and have not exhibited "dogwood decline". Dogwood trees grow quickly, with a fast rate of over a foot a year. 1:32. 1 discloses a tree of my new cultivar in full bloom. The broad, rounded, overlapping bracts are light pink and provide a floral display from about May 18 to June 2. but i figure it's still april and somewhat cool in this part of new jersey. To create Stellar Pink®, the only pink-flowering tree of the series, Orton crossed Japanese Kousa Dogwood with a red-blooming American Flowering Dogwood named ‘Sweetwater.’ Fast-forward to the 21 st Century, and a nurseryman named Dennie Hill discovers a variegated branch on one of his Stellar Pinks®. Diseases.--Good. Orton is most well-known for his hybrid kousa dogwood (Cornus florida x C. kousa) releases such as Stellar Pink® and Celestial®, and more recently the Venus® dogwood (Cornus kousa x C. nuttallii). 1. The tree disclosed in FIG. I think of it as saving the energy needed to make flowers if it barely has enough to make leaves. History and Origins of the Stellar Pink Dogwood Tree The Stellar Pink Dogwood is an interesting hybrid plant, developed by Elwin R. Orton, Jr, at Rutgers University in New Jersey. The leaves have a white margin and dispersed green, and mottled hues of green and white in several shades. A versatile, small tree for lawn or woodland plantings. Regular dead heading minimizes the energy put into seed production. Now I'm thinking about maybe replacing it with a large, pink weeping cherry. I am wondering if the Japanese maple will be too wide for the corner of my house? STELLAR PINK is a hybrid dogwood (Cornus florida x Cornus kousa) that was developed by Elwin R. Orton, Jr. as part of the Stellar series of dogwoods released by Rutgers University. When it come to trees and shrubs, patience is a virtue. I have a lot of green in my beds so I am trying to add blue and maroon. This spring it looks like there may be more buds....will report on the flower color ! Peduncle length.--Each flower head is borne on a peduncle, the average length being about 5 cm at the time of flowering, whereas those of the C. kousa parent average approximately 7 cm in length and those of the C. florida parent average about 3 cm at the time of flowering. I planted a small one of these about 17 years ago. If those are very thin, then a wide crown moulding will look out of balance. You've got a nice tree, you really need to give it a chance. Seashell pink flowers smother the branches in spring, followed by decorative bright red fruit. The tree looks healthy otherwise. DUMB!!! An interspecific hybrid of Cornus kousa and Cornus florida, which is a large bracted, vigorous, highly floriferous, flowering tree, most nearly like its parent C. kousa, which plant is upright rather than low and spreading as in C. florida, the instant plant being more fully branched and spreading as compared with C. kousa, with a period of floral display that is intermediate to C. kousa and C. florida, exhibiting attractive pink bracts unlike those of any other hybrid of C. kousa×C. The coloration is shown in the drawing made from a photograph which thus reproduces the same as near as is possible to the colors of the actual plant with the notations referred thereto. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition. Was looking at a pink one today that is beginning to leaf. ;ASSIGNOR:ORTON, ELWIN R. JR.;REEL/FRAME:004965/0942, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:ORTON, ELWIN R. JR.;REEL/FRAME:004965/0942, Interspecific Cornus hybrid designated KN30-8, Interspecific cornus hybrid designated KV10-105v1, Interspecific Cornus hybrid tree named ‘KV10-105v1’, Salvia plant named ‘KILLER CRANBERRY’, New Guinea Impatiens plant named ‘Fisnics Purple’. I want to do a complete rehaul. Both trees looks so much more suited to their new locations. Attached is a pic of a birch I was thinking about for the left side. But I'm blessed to be located at the edge of a wooded area, with lots of native white dogwoods and redbuds so I have no shortage of spring color. It is about 9-10 ft. tall , at present , and appears to be otherwise healthy . The floral display is provided by the large floral bracts that immediately subtend the flower heads. Patience. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy. It will get there, but it may be a couple years. Hybrid flowering dogwood 'Stellar Pink', Cornus x rutgersensis 'Rutgan', Cornus 'Stellar Pink' Genus . I bet it is covered with blooms next year. It will grow in sun or shade but prefers some shade, especially from the afternoon sun. Until then little energy will be diverted to flowering. I'll be sure to post pics of both tree in their new locations. Dentil moulding is lovely--I actually put large-scale plaster moulding in my living room last year and it has a dentil feature on the bottom edge. Last year, I had a handful, the year before, maybe a couple. wish me luck:). Yes, the Pink Dogwood tree looks like a "diva", but she doesn't act like one. Trees and shrubs are definitely long-term projects. The Pink Flowering Dogwood tree is a cherished heirloom tree native to the Eastern U.S. Fruit.--Fully developed fruit have not been observed, as plants of this new F1 interspecific hybrid are highly sterile. However, there is no formation of a syncarp as in C. kousa, as the flowers in this new hybrid are distinct and separate in the flower head, or on the receptacle. It's about 6 ft. tall now. FIG. Roof here could be raised 1-2 ft. or so to update architecture. i'm picking it up this monday with a friend of mine and will look to swap it in place of the dogwood later that day. 49D (Red Group). The same tree is significantly behind the standard flowering. Famous for its gorgeous blossoms, dogwood trees are a dazzling way to bring color to your outdoor garden. I was doing some online research this AM to see if I could figure out what I was doing wrong, and I came across a note that the Stellar Pink hybrids don't bloom until their third year (I've added the link below). Large pink blossoms open in the spring, attracting butterflies. This medium-sized ornamental tree will grace your home landscape with stunning dogwood flowers with pink blossoms in spring, burgundy foliage in fall, and vibrant red berries into winter. I transplanted the Dogwood to a church member's front lawn and it's taking root real nicely. What kind of planting spot do you have it in? A magnificent landscape specimen for small gardens or woodland settings. In my case, I purchased a rather small tree (about 5 feet tall) last year and it didn't have any blooms on it at the time. The average length of the inner bracts is approximately 56 mm. The hybrid of my invention, has been asexually reproduced by stem cuttings so as to determine that it does in fact come true in successive generations and the pink coloration is of desirable attractiveness for commercial display in my opinion. Sorry, have to call it like I see it. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll begin to see flowers next year. Glad you found the link helpful. Stellar Pink Dogwood has upright and slightly spreading branching. Great in a sunny or semi-shady spot in your yard, these stunning trees will look beautiful in the perennial border or as a foundation tree and excel as a light shade tree during the hot summer months. In the spring, this elegant, small tree boasts light pink, star-shaped flowers set against very attractive green and white variegated foliage. I transplanted the Dogwood to a church member's front lawn and it's taking root real nicely. Flower color: White is the usual color of the dogwood’s petal-like bracts, but some are pink or even pale red, such as C. florida ‘Rubra’. Consider doing shake shingle siding on second floor, and remove all shutters. I'm just disappointed when I look around my neighborhood and everybody's dogwoods are flowering and looking spectacular. Pink dogwoods grow best in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 though 9 and prefer rich, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. florida Commercial name: Cornus×`Rutgan`. Well here I am one year later, and while other dogwoods in my area are covered in bountiful blooms, my stellar dogwood is simply putting out leaves! In field plantings with C. florida and C. kousa, my new F1 interspecific hybrid has been free of the `dogwood decline` that has decimated cultivated and wild stands of C. florida in recent years. Stellar Pink ® has gained a solid reputation with nurseries and landscapers as the most asked for pink dogwood available today. Since it is a form of an American native species this tree cannot develop into an alien pest species, so for many gardeners that is an additional plus for the Pink Dogwood. Anyways, it's food for thought! When fully expanded the diameter of the inflorescence from tip to tip of the opposing inner bracts is about 116 mm; the diameter of the inflorescence as measured from tip to tip of the opposing outer bracts is about 105 mm. Owner name: Ouch, you guys are killing me:) But I still love you all! That takes time. You ask for experience with this tree and then toss it aside. Bobby, I've got the same story -- planted the tree last spring, it grew about a foot, lots of leaves but no pink flowers! Maybe part of the top is seedling rootstock. Medium size. 49A (Red Group). My specialty are these little stick transplants which have less "transplant shock" time but are more likely to be killed by lawn equipment lol. I did so much research about stellar too before I dished out the hundreds of dollars to buy it. The true flowers are relatively inconspicuous. We should have them. It is a small deciduous tree with a dense, upright habit. Flower buds: The true flowers are small and numerous and are borne in flower heads. Hi Will, For Shasta Daisy, dead head to right before a branchlet with a new flower bud forming. All the bushes on the right side except the hollys next to the steps came with the house when we bought it. Consider a medium to dark gray roof to update. Lower surface: R.H.S. The nursery delivered it to my church, but they claimed they aren't permitted by their employer to actually put the tree in the ground even though I had the hole all dug up for them. Foliage: Sometimes plants will hold off on reproduction until they feel established. The Hybrid Pink is an American Dogwood crossed with Japanese Dogwood which results in much stronger vigor and resistance to dogwood borer and disease. Cornus Cornus. I know that stellar is supposed to bloom after the other dogwoods, but I would expect to still be able to see flower buds/bracts forming by now. OH, it will also need continued good care this year and probable next, and some sun for best flowering when it gets to that point. Large B&B trees take a few YEARS to recover. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:ORTON, ELWIN R. JR.;REEL/FRAME:004965/0942. so i think the tree has a good shot at establishing decent roots in its new hole prior to the hot summer temps getting here. The average width of the inner bracts at their widest point is about 40 mm. One died and the other survived, just, and yielded one flower - looked whitish and definitely not stellar! The margins of the basal one-third of adjacent bracts typically overlap. Bract length and width will vary from year to year, but the inner bracts will most likely be longer and narrower than the outer bracts each year. However, some flower heads may persist throughout the growing season and, occasionally, the fleshy portion of small, parthenocarpic (seedless) fruit will develop, albeit incompletely. This style of moulding is nice for a more formal room, but for a young girl's bedroom, I would recommend something a little lighter and airier. I would not replace the windows for cosmetic reasons, as double hung sash windows are timeless and classic and seem to go well with overall architecture. Nothing will bloom as early, profusely, or consistently ... as you probably expected. It is noted for its vigorous habit, large-bracted flowers, profuse bloom and resistance to anthracnose and dogwood borer. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, NEW JERSEY, Free format text: Please help me choose a tree for corner of house, Pruning, Perennials, and a Recipe for Mildew Stains. Hi, thanks for your response, and the awesome link. So my dad, my wife, and myself had to do it ourselves with one of those small hand-trucks. Our dogwoods are going great guns, but the Stellar's will not be in flower for 2-3 weeks yet. Its not like they appear in the spring. I assumed you did that at first. It is now a nice size tree, and it does look nice in bloom. It has a uniform width from top to bottom, typically maturing to 15-20 tall and as wide. In this program of hybridization which I have carried on for a number of years, there have been developed a substantial number of what I feel are commercially desirable dogwood trees, particularly because they exhibit their attractive bracts at times when the other known dogwoods such as C. kousa and C. florida are not so exhibiting. The dogwood tree is one of the most beautiful and popular trees that you can grow on your property. Yeah, I'm not totally sure about the stellars blooming only in their third year either. Native to eastern North America, the dogwood is also cultivated across the world, wherever the climate may allow. This would also create more functional living space by giving a usable front porch area that could be furnished for relaxing. Flowering period is early compared with plants of C. kousa and late compared with plants of C. florida. I feel the landscape designer put way too many plantings in this front bed. I'll be sure to post pics in the Spring:). Please help me it's such a large area. If budget permits, extending/deepening front porch to align vertically with second floor would lend major curb appeal. The first couple years ... none. Hardy: U.S.D.A. Fortunately I have Cornus Floridas too. The foliage turns pink and red in the fall. I thought perhaps it had already bloomed when I bought it. Hole in main branch of Japanese maple keeps filling with water. Hydrangea macrophylla plant named 'piihm-i' Floribunda rose plant named ‘Sproflored’, Phalaenopsis orchid plant named ‘PHALGAQXYK’. Dogwood tree -- `Stellar Pink` United States Patent PP07207 . Apr 5, 2018 - Explore Susan Duncan's board "Dog Wood Dogwood" on Pinterest. The stellar pink dogwood reaches a height of about 25 feet and prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade. I only found that info on this page, so I'm not sure how correct it is. Plants have good seasons ... and not so good seasons. 2 discloses four floral bracts with central subtended flower heads, typical of my new cultivar. I specifically chose 'stellar' over the other dogwoods because it's supposed to be this great Rutgers-bred hybrid that blooms profusely and is disease resistant. Pretty good for the redbuds though. If you get even half the performance that you were expecting out of your tree, ... you'll be doing pretty good. Pink Dogwood grows at a medium rate, reaching around 15 f… The only problem is I can't even imagine how I would go about up-rooting that stellar.

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