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revive essential oils reviews

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Buying essential oils can be confusing and frustrating. The company was created by former officers, distributors, and other employees that were previously employed by Young Living, including David Stirling. I don’t think this is a bad thing and celebrate when I can buy something for my home from another Mom, family, friend, Dad, hard working entrepreneur, etc! It is hard to tell what the overall view of these oils are. Nonetheless, a random sampling of 11 third-party tests resulted in two different oil blends having unexpected results: However, the company offers batch GC/MS reports on their oils at the Source to You site. I’m Lauren. We were unable to find any interactions between PlantLife and the FDA. It was interesting and helpful in boosting our immune system. I was given some samples of doTerra from a friend who sells it. Glad you found our post helpful. Where to buy Plant Therapy Essential Oils: I like to see a company stand behinds their products that much. A sampler pack and lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) is currently available in their Amazon store. I appreciate that they offer the ability for me to earn an income for referrals, which actually covers the cost of my oils each month. When you look at the PT equivalent there is only 1 maybe 2 matching oils in them. While their oils are nice, I cannot support a company who could be so dishonest and greedy, particularly at a time like this. There are currently no interactions found between the FDA and Revive, as far as we know. Don’t buy if you feel uneasy. Essential oils are also used to revive psychological and physical well-being (1, 2, 3). I still have not settled on one line for my EO needs!!! They also offer manufacturer safety data sheets (MSDS) on their oils for convenience. The oils are top quality, service is excellent and the website is very helpful and easy to use. Anytime she feels a headache coming on, she grabs her peppermint oil and it almost always goes away. While the company is headquartered in Utah, they have offices in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Singapore. I also found the comments section to be very helpful. was threatened with a lawsuit in connection with certain content that appeared on this website between June 12th and July 2nd, 2019. This is a huge dea for me. Rocky Mountain Oils (4.9 / 5) Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) offers a full product line, including select USDA Certified Organic oils. The website also describes the products as 100% pure therapeutic grade without any synthetics, fillers or fragrances. Neither is recognized by governing aromatherapy bodies. They also do third-party testing. Thanks. Edens Garden oils are available on  Amazon. At home, with my kids, my husband, and my wonderful but aging parents. Never really saw any benefits. REVIVE Essential Oils earned the #1 spot and is our favorite essential oil brand by far. I started out with DoTerra and love their oils but not the pricing. REVIVE Essential Oils Review. Thanks for doing the research and all the great insight! Great article on essential oils! Not something you always get in a day to day job! I have people calling me to get their hands on a kit and start their wellness journey! LaRee Westover and daughter Valerie Sharp started Butterfly Express out of LaRee’s kitchen in 1998. I have never been healthier (my skin/eczema, my asthma, my anxiety, my overall health & wellbeing) than I am now and I can 100% day it is because of the choices I have made in my lifestyle and by choosing to use these oils. 5. I use oils on all my babies (husband, kids, animals) and would NEVER talk down about any oil people chose to use. Plant Therapy is also the first essential oil company to reach EPA Green Power Partner status. I’ve gone as far as looking at the blends I use like Energee, Endoflex, etc. Alma, please check out Piping Rock more carefully. Upon calling the company, I was informed that the analysis of oils is based on lot codes and batches. When done incorrectly, without the proper expertise, damage can occur. Hope this is helpful! I do ingest some of the oils that are safe to do so, and I would like to continue this. Any preservatives, chemical fragrances or other synthetic additives are strictly prohibited. I have to agree with you Robin. Grown at a high altitude in France, REVIVE French Lavender has a bolder, more pronounced Lavender aroma and contains higher Linalyl acetate. As for the oils themselves, the reviews are mostly positive, and they have a strong following of aromatherapists, product makers, and enthusiasts. I am going to give Revive a try! I am a very forgiving person and am willing to work with them if they so choose to have a change of heart and do the right thing. Next I diffused each of them in a different room of my house. Take it as you will, but pure oils should not contain these components as Dr. Pappas so eloquently suggests. I am a member with Young Living and my family uses them daily and have for years, I have been to the Mona UT farm and was able to see it in action. Rocky Mountain Oils can be purchased on their site, on Amazon, and through independent sellers on sites like eBay. I recommend the book on “Essential Oil Safety “ by Robert Tisserand. Been using dōTERRA for 3 years! I just happened upon Re-vive and they have my interest. YL was just the best quality, the seed to seal promise ensures that. Besides single oils, RMO offers blends on par with favorites formulated by the top MLM oil companies. Again thank you for this easy to understand comprehensive review. Free Trial revive essential oils coupon And cbd causing anxiety For Sale. Here’s a useful chart: 3. You should include Jade Bloom and Barefut, love them both! Plant Life, founded in 1994, is best known for their oils but they boast a product line that extends well beyond volatiles. The company has grown to include Aura Cacia (acquired in the 1990s), Simply Organic and the Co-op Market. Revive Immunity Boost is their Thieves. I’ve been consuming essential oils for over 6 years. I ran across it as my brother just bought me a bunch of GuruNanda brand oils – a company I am not familiar with, but I guess it is the brand they are carrying at Walmart now? knowledge of natural therapies and certainly dont trust big pharma! They earn 4 and 5-stars and most reviews are positive. Rigorous Testing & Tests Results on their Website. If you have questions about a certain brand, feel free to leave a comment. Also, it should be added that YL was the first to share and identify the issue with the cinnamon bark three years ago. It was highly recommended to me for an unbiased user and shopper. I will be a customer for life! Thanks for this informative article! PROTIP #3: Because it’s more affordable, I can also use Essential Oils more instead of being so precious about them. People are religious about this company, but I do not get a lot of hard evidence form it. I would be nice if they could lower their prices or have more sales. You can reach them by clicking on the page of the respective oil, then clicking on the ‘+’ sign next to “Safety and Test Results,” and clicking on the link. I have been buying from Ananda Apothecary for several years. I would never ingest NOW or Aura Cacia. I have tried a few others but were fails. Trust your gut feelings. They employ a full staff of aromatherapists to help their customers learn how to use oils safely and to guide them to those best suited for their needs. I was using Young Living, where the bottles are clearly marked, but switched to Plant Therapy recently, and can’t tell what may or may not be ingestible. I like the rigor in their testing, that the tests are performed by independent and qualified experts with degrees Chemistry, and that Revive posts the test results publicly for everyone to see. It is a shame you are dedicated to this company. doTERRA was also mentioned on page 161 of a 224-page briefing document for a meeting dated June 23, 2016, of the Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC). They released a product that contained an unnatural, gmo ingredient and it made me doubt them. – Dr. Scott Johnson, Naturopath, Aromatherapist, author and former YL executive I found the company to be A1 and the owner Puneet Nanda to be transparent and honest in all of his oils and products. Is there any chance you could do an addendum to this article just to add Re-vive anytime soon since there are so many of us interested in knowing their results? – Dr. Joshua Plant. They offer the Rocky Mountain Oils S.A.A.F.E. They also will help make the lives easier by getting clean water sources, health care and schools set up where needed. Simply Earth has an option to get their oils at wholesale prices upon approval. I now get 2x the Lavender for less than I did with YL ($17 for 30mL with REVIVE vs $25.75 for 15mL with YL). Like German Chamomile. Great information. Hi MICHELLE, Fabulous reviews and really great way you have structured your article which is easy to read, understand and remember! Yes! Also I LOVE that REVIVE offers their own versions of DoTerra and YL blends. 1. However, ‘therapeutic quality’ essential oils and CPTG are both marketing terms. And last but not least, there is such a wide range of cost. You can purchase them on their site, Amazon, Jet, and more. Thanks, so much Kristine :) Glad you found our article helpful. There were a total of 16 different types of oils tested. Been using them for almost a year now! It has since grown to an internationally recognized company with 30 staff and a warehouse. Most people agree that their oils are quality. While I will have pain for the rest of my life with my back, I’m using something that helps my body not hinder it! The benefits of doing the business side IF YOU CHOOSE is undeniably a great way to make residual income.You are never forced to become a member. So I guess you can say the billion dollar question is: what are the best essential oil brands where quality isn’t compromised by price? Further information can be found in their FAQ. Entering your unique ‘quality ID’ located on the bottle provides you with the results from an independent third-party testing facility. You can cancel your er anytime and buy when you want. Essential oils can be ingested however, we recommend doing so with great care. After reading this review and others, and reading the comments by some of the YL loyalists, I believe I will stay away from YL products. Independent Reviews by Third are the best Proof for a effective Preparation. I don’t use Young’s any more because of the multi level marketing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you for pure oils so for I am happy price is always an issue for me. I ingest a few minimally and diffuse and use topically quite a bit. Edens n Revive at the moment seems to work with me coz i do get sensitive to some of YL n Doterra oils. This makes it not only amazing for blends when you want an extra Lavender aroma but also for Sleep and for using on scrapes and minor cuts! Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) began in 2004 with a group of wellness professionals, and the company grew with the purchase of Native American Nutritionals (NAN). As of the time of this writing, there are no known interactions between Kis and the FDA. We need to choose to spread the wealth so everyone stands a chance at success. Your email address will not be published. But we’ll certainly add these to our list of potential companies for future updates. I have difficulty appreciating sales reps that are in a pyramid system or a company you have to join or to buy their product, who really benefits from this. Where to buy Aura Cacia essential oils: Not all of the products on the site have reviews, but those that do are generally five stars and raving not only about the oils, but the price and customer service, too. I have appreciated their products because I make my own lotions and soaps and deodorants. on your site. Essential Oil Reviews is an initiative to help the community and customers make informed decision. I’m still getting cleaner concentrate and laundry detergent from YL. I use Ameo essential oils. Still not on my decision. :) The market has definitely become saturated. I do prefer a specific brand and have been a loyal user of said brand. However, Dr. Robert Pappas ran some tests in his own lab on a bottle of lavender oil and found it to be heavily adulterated. I am new to oils and started off with YL. There are no found interactions as of the time of this writing. I figured the comments would be everyone for their own brand. This page will be updated with any new information. Please visit the company’s websites and Amazon stores for the latest pricing. Where to buy doTERRA essential oils: Their EOs have been tested and the several that were have been found to be adulterated. Where to buy Butterfly Express essential oils: While Butterfly Express has not yet set up a storefront on Amazon, there are currently 667 products in their listings. – Pierre Franchomme, Aromatologist and pharmacologist. The original article reviewed 9 essential oil companies in 2018, but based on the comments from our readers, we’ve added 10 more reviews to include new and upcoming EO brands in 2019. Since then I have been using EG, RMO, and PT and have been very satisfied with them. They offer a wide range of products, with over one million sold. Okay, I’m done. A random sampling of third-party tests showed no adverse results. Too many RED FLAGS with YL. Every company has good reviews and bad reviews. I recommend You in any case to explore, whether it is more Experience with the Product are. Your hardworking findings have put together one of the Most informative… EASY to read and informative articles that I have came across! I’m mostly settling on RMO and EG. I have cats, my concern isn’t for me. It seems the YL people are beating “perfection” into everyone. She is the one who got me using Young Living and taught me about Oils and how to use them in the first place. The matriarch of the family, ‘Frannie,’ used to say: If you want to be the best, you have to give your best. Revive Natural CBD Oil Review – Final Verdict The product is designed to be convenient, CBD-based oil which is going to ensure that you get all the necessary anti-inflammation properties as well as antioxidants to fight off harmful free radicals. I think they changed hands in the last year or two and their quality might have changed but I would like to know what you think. Note: pricing is constantly in flux. I will only use USDA Organic around my kids/pets. Plus you can review the GC-MS test results on their website. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS REVIEW? Thank you to all those who have commented before me as well. They recommend patronizing local health food stores whenever possible and provide a convenient store locator to find one near you. Be safe and take care. essential oils. Revive seems to be new to the scene. The FDA has not sent any warnings to Plant Guru as of the time of this writing, that we’re aware of. at I’m trying to switch from young living. He couldn’t tell the difference and for Frankincense liked the REVIVE one better. What essential oil companies do you buy from? That is a huge blessing and all the while, I help others and they have the opportunity to do the same! I have been using Doterra – but just found Revive also – and I am totally switching! We have been a member for a year, but I just saw some of the oils in Sprouts. You can find results on the Essential Oil Consumer Reports FB page. We used their oils on our entire family (dogs included!) I prefer to stay away from MLM companies. DITTO!! Be wise. What companies have good educational resources? I like that they do the research for kid safety for me and I can contact them if I have any questions. I am a devoted user of essential oils for safe, natural health care. YL has ditched complete batches if it does not meet their quality standards. Thanks again! I did a LOT of research before beginning my journey with Young Living! Revive was the company I was hoping was reviewed here! Doterra keep giving us good products to offer but hold down the price so more people could enjoy them. The larger sizes provide more savings. We were unable to find any interactions between Rocky Mountain Oils and the FDA. There are so many makers of essential oils so it’s going to be difficult to determine which are the smartest choice for your purchase. Really interesting and informative guide, well done! Young Living oils are changing my life emotionally and physically. Thanks for sharing, Susan. I am also a huge fan of Rocky Mountain Oils because of their excellent customer service. If they continue to pay close attention to essential oil sourcing practices and providing customers with excellent quality essential oils, we’ll see … I can’t thank you enough for this information and for the replies left here from other interested EO users. However, I did find a four-page PDF explaining the testing procedures, which also perhaps outlines why I could not find them on-site. I took quite some time to decide on what oils to introduce into my lifestyle… like 2 years! I really like Simply Earth. dōTERRA have SO many amazing projects where they give back to the community all over the world and they give anyone involved with the company the opportunity to go and be part of these projects. I am concerned about the purity of other brands, but hopeful that there are other options besides YL. I currently use YL and DoTerra. I have been a Young Living member for over four years. All companies should! No other company does this as well and easy to access as they do. I was suspect they were an offshoot from Young Living, however. Thank you for the work and time you put into this article. This gives them 10 percent off of every order throughout the whole co-op and a five percent annual rebate on all purchases. If you live in or near Streetsboro, Ohio, you can also shop at their small store located there. I will chose nothing else! So, what do we have to say about Revive essential oils. And, they are so much cheaper! More info on testing here. We weren’t able to find any from online sources, but if you happen to have links to them, please send us an email and we’ll be sure to include them and update our post. They also have a loyalty rewards program that enables you to get free products. I began investigating GURUNANDA Essential Oils last fall. 415-547-0455 (SMS) Infused with raw reduce and manage stress, with cold pressed grapefruit pain relief roll-on bottle. Personally, I don’t ingest my EOs but mainly use them for diffusion, topical application, and cleaning. Their monthly offerings are: While many companies do not offer test results on their site, Healing Solutions provides a page where you can check the GC/MS reports of their top 15 oils. There are on-line classes on aromatherapy that will help understand on how to formulate the oils to make blends. There’s also a company called Arbonne they are plant-based as well and I Didn’t see them mention in this article so they may want to check them out. This has saved me a fortune, as often I only need a few drops of a certain oil. Thank you for this report! They are currently not available on Amazon, which is a go-to resource for consumers to get unbiased reviews. That being said, those found in conversations online are both positive and negative. I shop several shops because they do not all have the same single oils. Not a single holiday goes by where I don't receive multiple new oils as gifts. It’s for them. They have switched farms for Cinnamon, and Peppermint since the off batches, though. He’s my new collection: Do they have Thieves, Stress Away, and Panaway? No agenda….no mlm. Kis oils is a small bottling facility located in Brooklyn, NY. I chose those after doing extensive research and trying them out personally. Patents and trademarks do not adequately protect this information, as you cannot patent or trademark an oil. The comments have been extremely enlightening as well! There are so many recipes on the web I’ll never run out of new ways to use EOs. They have an impressive product line of over 1,400 products including carrier oils, essential oils, vitamins, supplements, health and beauty products, sports nutrition, healthy foods, and even nutrition for your pets. I think you touched on a pretty sensitive topic (ingesting essential oils). You will never be disappointed by your purchase of an essential oil by Plant Therapy. The public is cautioned that buyers should be wary of any product not purchased in either of these ways. I want to be able to just buy what I need when I need it for a reasonable price. Once the extraction process is complete, what remains is a concentrated plant oil that contains the healing aromatic compounds of that specific plant. I am happy with my choices so far but have been looking at Vitality, DoTerra and have purchased from both. It offers exceptional customer services and shipping of products is totally free. It’s a money back guarantee where they give you a full refund including Revive paying for return shipping. I have used Eden’s Garden for a few years now. Occasionally Ii will use Original Swiss Aromatics, Pompeii Organics, Oshadhi, and Plant Therapy. Intriguing, so I started researching and trying. We’ll have to take a look into them in our next update :). So I was surprised, maybe shocked, when she said she quit YL and moved to REVIVE! Just a side note, I didn’t copy down all of the EO brand names I came across while reading the comments. I would appreciate your thoughts. Revive Lemon is sourced from Italy, Peppermint from the USA, Tea Tree from Australia, Clary Sage from France. Where to buy Majestic Pure essential oils: Majestic Pure products can be purchased on their  Amazon. Later that year, part of it was transferred to Rose Madrone, and Mountain Rose Herbs became a reality. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Why can’t we see the GC/MS results then? Thanks for sharing this amazing idea. On September 1, 2016, the FDA posted a public service announcement about Aura Cacia performing a voluntary recall on their Lavender Milk and Oat Bath due to finding elevated microorganism counts. I two would love to hear more about Revive as I’ve ordered five different oils that compared well to doterra and yl. The analysis is done through a third party, Essential Validation Services (EVS), and are available on Google Drive. The oil was ~65-70% made of synthetic material. I still have many bottles of YL, but as I run out I started ordering PT and Revive-eo. Bulk Apothecary began as a small brick and mortar store in 2010. My first EO was DoTerra starter set. Their openness,quality and proven efficacy is beyond all others. They're a young essential oil brand, but they really took a good look at the market and industry and took a thoughtful approach to their products. Between the high price of the oils and the shipping costs I need to find another source. Mountain Rose Herbs performs full quality testing on all of their products. Did you check out Starwest Botanicals or Mountain Alternatives? However, consumers can call the company and get the test results for any oil they are carrying to confirm constituents and purity. You can purchase sets of 10-milliliter bottles, while single oils by themselves are sold by larger quantities. I started with aura cacia and I started my research and found that there was way to much controversy (for me) on young living products, doTerra was a complete turn off knowing that I could only perchase them with a membership or pay higher prices. We help connecting potential customers with reliable essential oil … On September 22, 2014, the FDA sent a warning letter to doTERRA concerning the promotion of their oils as drugs that treat diseases by unlicensed practitioners on sites that send consumers to doTERRA to purchase the oils for those purposes. Mom Prepares is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Both amazing . In addition, they feature bath salts and bombs, as well as natural cleaning products for your home. I am wanting to sell and use oils with my massage therapy practice… but NEED to make sure I use quality oils and know how to blend for various “issues.” I look forward to reading al the info. I kept seeing the posts on Facebook comparing those to popular name brands such as Young Living and DoTerra and that they were cheaper. I also use Piping Rock, Now, and Lucky’s essential oil. Keep up the good work! Their website is online, but the shop is under construction. Here are links to the failed reports: On September 22, 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to Young Living. Plant Therapy works with the renowned essential oil expert, Robert Tisserand, to ensure quality. My Rosemary oil was completely empty in package! Thank you for informing us and helping us to help others. Think I might opt for RMO or Now. I trust the product and love their sustainability project. The grapefruit is great in both companies. I may or may not be addicted. So I gave in, made an order and fell in love. PROTIP: Buy 30mL REVIVE bottles from their Shop page! However, on Amazon, the reviews are mixed. I’ll be looking into Revive-EO and would love to hear more feedback on this company.

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