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intp vs intj

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In my heart of hearts, I’d rather be alone and right than have to deal with society and all its wrongs, it’s exhausting. It registers as superficial and false. However, people with the same type are generally going to follow a pattern that indicates what cognitive functions they use. Bunk. Sounds crazy, but thats what happens when I’m bored). And we’ve found the best system is that he allows me a set amount of time (20-60 minutes) to calm down. I reorganize my bookshelf every month (no one gets my filing system). To outward observers, INTPs will appear to be more open-minded because they extravert their intuition (Ne), which is their auxiliary function. ), Good article. They enjoy relying on abstract mental models to understand life. ESxx types dominate our social paradigms, with ISxJ types being acceptable as well, and if you fall outside that group, regardless of gender or type, you’re going to have it rough. And of course the answer to the conflict is to compare and contrast and hope someone has something to say that I didn’t think about yet. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Emotions, ugh. That is to say, our perceptions will always color the information we carry and so data is never clean. Tesla thought up extraordinary new technologies, but the real test was whether or not those inventions actually worked. But ever since I turned to cognitive functions test, INTJ has just completely dominated my profile. Patterns, Math, awesome. In other words, I elevate his F and he elevates my T. We are all individuals, and at the end of the day the person who fits best with you may be different than you’d expect. As you spent time away from that environment, your authentic self would have surfaced. I see people with the look and corresponding feeling of what they wear and try to imitate that…like a chameleon. I love the effectiveness of acupuncture and the lack of bells and whistles. Although, if talking about hygiene, it’s not necessarily accurate. I learn quite a bit about it. I am an INTP…I think! I have to agree with a lot about what you said, about INTPs and emotions especially. Then there’s the emotion. That said, much of what you said above makes me lean toward INTJ (except for the last two bullet points). I find myself in a similar quandary, having tested as both INTP and INTJ (my guess is due to the differing semantics of the questions and my interpretations thereof.) I suspect that would be more an intp type thing. Being a Thinker means you use impersonal criteria to evaluate situations, which generally results in putting emotions as a lower priority. Let’s say $300 to $450. As for what lets me know I’m INTP instead of INTJ… if the hygiene thing wasn’t a determining factor, it’s dealing with data and emotion. You sound exactly like me Karen D! I reject that idea because at the heart of who I am, and I understand people are shaped by their environment, I just cannot accept that view. Hit the nail right on the head for me. It’s only my own opinions and actions that matter to me. 2. I became more accepting of it thanks to the understanding i gained from the mbti. For me, I’ll listen to music or play videogames to feel better and distract myself from my emotions. But when I’m working, I make plans for everyone in my team and monitor their progress and can get very annoyed when someone fail to meet deadlines or work quality expectation. Ultimately, I don’t want that for someone I care about. I’ve found INTPs to exhibit extraordinary radical honesty.”, I’m am INFJ/INTP/INFP. I always related the most to the descriptions of grip experiences as well. this is a foundation of which quantum physics that Einstien called spooky. First of all, that’s crazy data management. For a society to exist well we need to have people who won’t bullshit themselves and won’t bullshit you. Keep writing, the insight you have is so beyond helpful. They might not tell you the reason or they might not have to think about it because it’s already established as part of their internal, logical structure. Even so, a younger me would have been unable to formulate this point in terms of autenticity and simply railed against dressing up as superficial game playing, which may be outwardly indistinguishable from INTPs’ rebellions. If you are aware of your emotions and acknowledge them than you are probably an INTJ regardless of any breakdown. I would think most Effectiveness users who have the disposable income likely have someone else do their cleaning for them. Lets say someone had a bad experience, the Intj will litterally feel the emotions as if the situation happened to him/her. An equally important node would be one’s Enneagram subtype. Your answer lies in the cognitive functions, which in fact are totally different when comparing intp and intj, and the test is very misleading in that regard because it only tries to find which letter you are between two, and it is a % so it suggest that it can changes. It gets easier in midlife as Fe develops, but it’s still hard. A somewhat unrelated question, but I’m curious how INTJs defend their Ni-fueled observations and assumptions in a society which tends to value the cold, hard, tried-and-true facts yielded by Se and Si observations. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Keep it up =D, “I read that for an INTJ to find the MBTI, is the first time to feel understood”. Go look at it and keep learning for yourself! A sound will be produced no matter what, the elasric medium (air) that might have dulled the sound based on various circumstances. Which lead me here. How can INTJ and ENTP types communicate effectively with each other? Awesome, that was quick! Then after a long year, I tested again (twice now) as INTP. Their minds are not programmed to abide by those. The arrogant front an INTJ puts up isn’t to deflect being proven wrong, it’s to deflect against the hurt and pain another person potentially represents. Interesting article. SO an INTP may incline their style to look like an urban person on a big city, while an INTJ may incline to look like a regular person on a sunday afternoon (which could also be related to their playful sexual attitude, as “hey, I’m easygoing..” ). You can’t reason without emotion otherwise there would be no motivation to reason in the first place. (Trust me on this, I’m married to an INTJ. I looked at, poured over, and collected thousands of pictures. Yet when presented with a female INTP or INTJ.. they’re uncomfortable because she doesn’t fit neatly into one of their templates. I’m mindful that if I go over the maximum 60 minute window, he’s going to be a little freaked out. Thank you in advance for your help in this! Then I read that NPs have a habit of mistyping themselves due to a lot of self-doubt, which certainly didn’t help resolve it. Thank you! The internet seems to be a mess when it comes to type. So I’m conflicted. It’s a complete switch. So you want to do this?” I was blindsided. An INTP, on the other hand, is much more likely to tell you that “Whatever you want is fine.”. Gah, I’m still typing? 5. I did not mean INTP-T in specific but INTP in general. On the other hand, INTJs will appear to be more oriented toward seeking closure because they extravert their thinking (Te), which is their auxiliary. I’m an INFJ so I have the same driver and 3 yr old as you do. Also, two INTjs or two INTps can co-exist quite … I came across your blog and was sucking up every word. I have been studying all aspects of Carl Jung’s psychology intensely for 2 years now. But it is a much more delicate and different from logic and reason alone process of discovery. I’ve just realized, after listening to your podcast about developed and undeveloped decision-making, that my husband is actually an INTP instead of an INTJ as he always tests. At work people never understood, I wasn’t arguing- I was making sure we had looked at all the options. Too open-ended. Since the INTP leads with Ti and follows it with Ne, but the INTJ leads with Ni and follows with Te, they are radically different kinds of thinkers. i have many xxxp in my family. That’s how my ESFJ wife sees my study, but though she is distressed by the books I am still referring to lying around, and can see neither rhyme not reason in the double-stacked ordering of my books, nor could she see the joke about: “Dad, would you like a book for Christmas? If I think I am wrong, I will search out what is needed to regain my confidence in being right. My maturing environment did not allow for being unkempt. So it’s more common to see an INTP on more uncommon style, or with a considerable degree of effort in that regard, or with clothes that convey a clear message, like ‘look I’m an unemployed student of philosophy’ . Read Antonio Damasio. Yes, INTPs don’t care about their looks, but that is WHEN THEY ARE YOUNG and/or have a HIGH Ne-DRIVE, which leads them to be blindsided to what “appearances” are about. They’re more likely to get prideful as a first line of defense, and then move on to sulky and mopey. We should try not to get too litteral too! Tell yer mom that if she was born on the other side of the world her religion would be different. This article a million times over emphasizes that I am an INTJ. I think I am big on intellectual integrity but I often get in trouble for my blunt honesty. Then I was baptized Russian Orthodox. I read it, and said I now knew how it worked. My exact first thought was exactly, why would you send a polar bear to the space station? Daydreamer, forgetful, messy, few but strong friendships, high on Ti, corrects me all the time, elegant creativity, makes accuracy jokes, hates feeling bad, feels ashamed when feeling bad, cannot put words on his emotions, just” i dont know”, …9 years old. I just want to say thank you, feels so strange and warm, im almost crying. In thinking at my best I will often have grassy hopper mind loading up stuff all over the space and then sit very quietly inside waiting for a new weaving or weighing or best of all for something different to slowly come into awareness that I then bring in integrating and building some rational explanation for as I go to share with others. INTJs Have Intellectual Integrity, INTPs Have Powerful Honesty INTJs are very intellectual, and they have a lot of integrity. As far as the differences between INTPs and INTJs, I knew that I wasn’t decisive enough, and didn’t have the confidence in my own correctness of an INTJ, as well as that I fit more with the typical INTP manner of generally sloppy and unimpressive but personalized dress as opposed to the typical INTJ neater, socially oriented dress. INTJs are surprisingly sensitive, and as mentioned in our article about the INTJ personality type, anyone they let in can do real damage. Maturing INTP here. The open loft area of the house is partially contained, probably 40%, and part of that area will affect the energy usage. I enjoy reading about different personality types. INTJs seem to be more conscious of their feelings, and INTPs are often blinded by their feelings, which can come out unconsciously and in unusual ways when they are under stress. I didn’t see a book for sale on your website. To embellish, I found the test and hit INTJ several times over the course of two years. First, because I really have to care deeply about the person or situation to ever even get to that point of anger. 1. I really enjoyed reading your article, but Tesla’s name was not Nikolai, it was Nikola. Anyway, I’m trying to dig out of several holes right now, and I think a good way to start would be by exercising my “co-pilot.” Since I’m not sure whether that would be “Effectiveness” or “Exploration,” what ways specifically could I exercise both to yield the best potential results? * Wrongdoings, for me, are when “others don’t make sense”. We love systems, creating them, studying them, perfecting them. But I will share this: There was a period of my life that I sought professional therapy for depression, and I was prescribed an antidepressant, which I agreed to take. When I was 17 a friend said to me, “You have this huge impenetrable wall around you.” I looked at him like he grew 3 heads, yet that was all to mask the fear of being found out!!! Rest into it for awhile. Stay away from tests. This article is intended to be a deep-dive, side-by-side comparison of their similarities and differences. BUT, if you can’t make it work, don’t despair. I have no aspirations to lead nor any to follow. When a female INTP gets difficult to deal with, they’re avoided, character assassinated, or killed (who’d miss them?). Being okay with others’ negative assessments is a process and I do hope to master it someday. Yep, I’m an INTJ! #INTJ, My answer was more like: “Why the heck would someone ask such question to that extent? p.s. I do like status and what car I drive or what impression I make on someone, but that also feels a bit like learned behaviour. So I’m not sure if this is an INTJ or INTP or simply neurotic thing bUT I’d love to hear what people have to say. Hello Antonia, this is Enrico from Italy. (Not that it matters, but this can be maddening to an ENTP. They never say anything. I have taken different tests that have typed me as an INTP, INFJ, and ISTP. Also, it may be good to note that in those situations your *desire* for your arguments to be taken seriously is out-weighing (or out-ranking) your sense of intellectual honesty, which could point to F as a preference. Hi Nathanael! I just would like to know how and where did you get your basis on all of these? However, since Ne is only our second function, we inevitably have to return to our Ti, and when we do, people can be really thrown for a loop. In reflection of myself and thinking logically and creatively to understand many perspectives and my own; I struggle, because I possess traits of both, the logical and emotional connection with both personalty types is similar and yet different at the same time. I have read many of your articles but .. even with the explanations of each I can still see myself being a mix of each. You won’t see INTJs dressing up for extreme status, but they’ll put in some time and effort. As an INTP, my decision-making process involves rigorously thorough evaluation of every possibility and then elimination of all but the best (least flawed) choice. While I was never the most openly sensitive person in the room, I had to learn to shrug and say “Oh well.” and to actually be fine with being vulnerable. Also, your attention to spelling and grammar is GREATLY appreciated. Stop speaking in absolutes, it makes you appear self righteous yet cluelessly simple, not a good look. If you’re an INFP you may resonate with descriptions of INFJs, and you may also not ‘feel’ as strong a “Feeler” because of misconceptions of what that means. and i sort of did not appreciate that trait. These are my life-experiences and I tend to follow your analysis concerning the authentic — and blind spots of effectiveness. I don’t understand how she can feel so much and genuinely care about how my day went, and that is what is fascinating about her. I learned skills out of my default zone to fit in. The FACT is, for all INTx types, whose lives are devoted to the “ultimate” invention/truth/understanding/creation and who invest most of their time AND mental energy into single-minded intellectual pursuits, being wrong = being vulnerable. I analyzed the claim of the fulfillment of OT prophecies & decided that Occam’s Razor required accepting them. I am an INTP married to an INTJ. If this is inevitable, then let’s specify the question a bit more… Because Mensa is a timed test, it may be harder for a Judger to score well because they feel the pressure of the clock. hi, not sure if this type of post is allowed in this subreddit but i figured i'd get more specific answers here. There may be lots of variation in tone of voice, rapidly changing facial expressions, and gesturing. Yes Please! If there is one thing you can most depend on in your INTJ INTP relationship, it’s that you both will fundamentally understand and get each other. Figured that out years ago. She walks in a room with a smile and the room is filled with this positive energy. Oh one more thing about physical appearance and maturity. There’s the popular Quantum Mechanics double slit experiment, but how extensively did they determine what does and doesn’t qualify as observation? Family laughs because I can tell you in a stack of papers exactly how far down the one needed is even if not touched in months. We're not around right now. when they underperform somewhere, when there’s a waste of resources (time especially, as well as money and skills to some extent), when the best plan or opportunity wasn’t seized, etc. It’s still light. It got hot a couple of times, but the temperature inside of the house stayed constant due to the speed in which the cold returned.

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