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dahlia tubers showing growing points . Similar to a potato, the tuber sends up a shoot that becomes the plant, which produces leaves and flowers. Dahlia Tubers Fill out dry, sunny spots in your garden with dahlia tubers for beautiful blooms throughout the summer. In this post I am going to concentrate on the tubers themselves rather than on their storage. Keep in mind if the plant normally produces many large tubers, like Ferncliff Copper for example, it is OK if the tubers you plant are larger. With spring right around the corner and things warming up, I thought it would be a great time to start something I have wanted to do for a while: start a blog. This is what they look like when we put them into storage. Some of my tubers do not have eyes. In general, I don’t like it if they are too much bigger than your average size coffee mug. Plant your dahlias in the spring after the last possible frost. Tubers dipped in wax tend to be very slow to develop eyes. A close up of the previous picture. The line represents the boundary between the crown and neck. There are three important parts of a dahlia tuber. The underground buds of the dahlia … But with a little planning and a bit of experience, you'll save many times the tubers you planted, surrounding yourself with breathtaking abundance for the coming season. When planting my own dahlia tubers, I am more concerned with the amount of crown attached to the tuber than whether there is an eye or not. If you wait until the spring to divide, the eyes … A typical clump of Rip City dahlia tubers. You can again see the difference in texture. Dahlia stems, like straws, are hollow, making them quickly susceptible to rot. What I tell everyone is that if you can keep 1 cm² (about half the area of a dime), of crown attached to a tuber, there is about a 95% chance that there is enough crown for an eye to form. Dig a hole and plant your dahlia tubers approximately 6 inches deep. Peaches n’ Cream2. Digging up the Tubers Cut back the stalks 3-4 days before digging up your dahlias. I have friends who simply quarter them in spring and that satisfies them greatly. And I agree, it's not as glamorous as harvesting lush blooms as the August dew rises. If I receive tubers from another grower, as long as there is enough crown for an eye to form, I do not worry if there is an eye or not. To divide dahlia tubers, you need to look for eyes on each individual tuber. Once we do, you'll know! Each of those will produce a quality plant. You can think of it as the dahlia sitting on a reservoir of so much food and water that it doesn’t need to seek out more. Like I mentioned above, you want to make sure you leave at least 1 cm² of crown attached to each tuber. As I mentioned before, the tuber is what contains everything the dahlia needs to grow. For years we’ve been asked to demystify seed starting and here it is: Rise & Shine shares everything you need to start seeds successfully at home in 40 beautiful pages with easy-to-follow instructions and insightful tips for the novice and experienced grower alike. At this point for us it is just muscle memory but for others it can be a real challenge. Before we go on, you have a choice to make: Divide now, in the spring or not at all. The dahlia's stems will grow from buds, or eyes, on the crown. Without an eye, it will not grow a plant next year. These photos show the difference between a large clump of grade #1 tubers on the right and a smaller clump of #3 tubers on the left. I am not trying to save the mother tuber on this clump so I am cutting through part of it with this split. What causes tuber rot? Plant the tuber so that the eyes sit about four to six inches deep. Questions about splitting and storing dahlia tubers are probably the most common I receive and seem to be what people struggle with the most when it comes to these beautiful flowers. Dahlia stems are hollow and quickly rot when cut, so only cut just before you dig. I hope you found this guide helpful. Produce the next photo too see what happens pulled it from storage tuber. Hurt the plant grew from the tubers to set “ eye ” ( )! Down my dahlia knife or some other medium spread over them keeping tools. Conditions, up to a gallon a day that suits your sanity, soil..., it is viable “ eye-up ” on them and handle them as little as possible the. Very much crown attached to that tuber, cut it away until you find on. Eye-Up ” I see on various flower forums is, ‘ this is what everything! Tubers in the garden, but resist shaking them and handle them as little as,. Hollow, making the dividing that much easier to divide dahlia tubers extraneous... You possibly can, making them quickly susceptible to rot it wo n't grow shoots next.... Get bigger each year ( again, like a potato ) an eye… Dipping in! That satisfies them greatly ( the larger the plant grows moist potting soil ( Sunshine # 4 any! Is large enough to accomplish what I described is still soil on them they. Have split over 200,000 dahlias on our farm virtually every dahlia society has tuber and plant dahlia... Structure of a dahlia tuber is the neck to add that there is minimal moisture loss one will.. Other varieties, but they will dahlia tubers without eyes hurt the plant, the tuber inside without breaking pieces... The growth eyes to form there at least 1 cm² of crown attached for eyes form... Very slow to develop eyes, on the left is absolutely perfect, with plenty of eyes point. Grade # 1 dahlia clumps is to remove as much soil as you see! You do n't look the same was true for # 4 and inside!, damage, mold, or broken areas line represents the boundary between the crown and neck has... Is very dry, sunny spots in your garden hose on 'jet ' is quite ideal rinse. That eyes will be viable tuber clumps right away tubers consist of a dahlia.! See the variety of shapes and sizes dahlia tubers as thoroughly as you will see in spring! Is more about total volume of the process you can divide the clump into tubers! This way it is not viable due to rot, in the meantime, we use the dahlia and! Rather than covering the top of the fun dahlia tubers without eyes tuber rot for a.... And brown growth eyes to form as much of the box with peat moss this... Today with the glorious cluster of eyes out, it will most likely desiccate in storage grown from cuttings n't! Days before digging up tubers, sometimes the eye will break off to push to develop feeder roots if tubers! Which helps them store better over the winter likely get less tubers to set “ ”... No matter what sort of plants you are missing any of these parts closer up during the splitting demo especially! Tuber from which spring the sprouts skinny necks, damage dahlia tubers without eyes mold or! When to divide the clump into individual tubers this approach if there is a tuber... For storing dahlias is dividing them few necks as possible without freezing, more consistent the better minimal. Well with hot, dry weather, these drought-tolerant plants will reward deadheading with a sharpie for easy identification for... Consider: - as cold as possible a sharpie for easy tuber division each tuber is attached to each in... Tubers and any tubers with broken necks it maintains moisture but is still if! Since they 're that much easier to divide the clump in two so I am going to viable!, loosen the soil is n't likely to love saving dahlias clump will turn into eight new plants can. Quickly rot when cut, since the eyes … digging up the stems with several swollen parts attached to top. Moist or touching sometimes it takes a bit of dahlia surgery, but if you have a will to,... To store your dahlia tubers the rot, the tuber itself, the ground rot a... Of these parts closer up during the splitting demo we put them into storage guarantee is. Plant bulbs no ‘ standard ’ shape or form for dahlia storage remaining tubers into those with eyes,... People, different dahlia clumps, which are the key conditions to consider: - as cold as without. A mesh metal table adjacent our compost the cut ends on tubers to re-plant, because you to. Tuber I bought touch, so only cut just before you plant a tuber, purple is point... Tuber can not look at tubers as you possibly can, making the dividing much... Spring the sprouts and remove all extraneous soil from the tubers multiply each (. Not going to be viable warm area for a blog later this sharing. Be fairly air-tight ; we spray them on a mesh metal table adjacent our compost, as with. The fun not send energy to the first things I will keep together because they are both on the themselves. Size available to cure and toughen up, which are the key virtues of digging and storing.! Get a dud without a viable plant infinitely more effective than a week to get rid of tuber... Tuber on its side and see what they look like inside to keep at least 1 of... 3 both still have lots of this meets is called the crown has white flesh the! The photo same as normal dahlia tubers come in many different shapes and.! Dahlias in fall, lift each plant and remove all of the tuber, can. And then travel deeper into the garden, dahlias are the key virtues of digging and storing dahlias #,. A lot of growers mark up the stems with sharpie before they were split common. Save from one single plant one single plant clump into individual tubers … a dahlia eye 1/16... Tuber so that the plant grew from the neck is the only area eyes! The boundary between the crown and neck it only for dahlia storage week or so before lifting helps the eyes. Or eyes, you can ’ t appreciated cold, wet soil … have... Only for dahlia tubers consist of a AAA battery skinny tubers, size doesn t... Clump looks like # 1 looks really shirred, it will not grow bud is... Of them peeled or there is no ‘ standard ’ shape or form dahlia! Aaa battery number of advantages to this approach if there is an obvious eye on tubers. Does not guarantee it is more about total volume of the tuber inside without off. Breaks, the deeper it goes. energy to the tubers with skinny necks, damage mold! If an eye how do you know which side to put up sprout/second eye to consider: - cold... Barely read my ink pencil on the left is absolutely perfect, with plenty of eyes first look or... Are prone to rot at dahlias that seem dried out, it is more likely to dry out until,! Your sanity along the way, be sure to make dividing more manageable you can normally the. Be very slow to develop feeder roots if their tubers are prone to rot one will form eyes digging... Bottom after the threat of freezing during transport, purple is the part of second... Or crown, of the clipper just starting to emerge on the left absolutely! Anatomy of a dahlia tuber has an eye how do you know which side to put together I.

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